Xintian Technology Water Meter Verification Equipment Product Obtained Patent

[Chinese instrument network enterprise weathervane] On January 6, 2016, Xintian Technology released an announcement on obtaining patents and computer software copyrights. The announcement shows that Xintian Technology and its two subsidiaries' products have been granted patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office and computer software copyrights issued by the National Copyright Administration.

Xintian Technology R & D products obtained invention patents, utility models and design copyrights, products are wireless module automatic test station, water temperature overload test equipment, heat metering switch controller, wireless remote water meter modification device, cell phone photo meter reading fixture Camera-type wireless remote water meter modification device, large-calibre camera direct reading water meter.

Xintian Technology Subsidiary Beijing Lok Fu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. developed electronic heat distribution meter, electronic heat distribution meter, WIFI intelligent temperature controller, intelligent temperature control system, and room temperature switch controller to obtain appearance design and utility model certificate . The large diameter ultrasonic water meter developed by Nanjing Xintuo Technology Co., Ltd. obtained a design certificate.

In addition to patents, Xintian Technology has also obtained computer software copyrights, Xintian Technology University energy monitoring system software, camera direct-reading water meter embedded control software, IC card smart gas meter control software, large-diameter water meter verification device control software. These softwares are software products independently researched and developed by Xintian Technology. Intelligent technology is used to make water meter verification and data acquisition more intelligent.

Xintian Technology is a pioneer in the smart energy, smart metering and systems industry in China. After more than ten years of hard work and rapid development, Xintian Technology has become an industry leader in smart energy, smart meters and systems in China. “Becoming a world leader in smart energy and smart watch industry” is the mission of Xintian. Inheriting the core philosophy of “recommending things and rewarding talents”, Xintian will continue to work hard and forge ahead, creating first-class enterprises and creating first-class enterprises. Performance, make a positive contribution to the development of the Chinese high-tech industry!

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