· Wuhan is expected to promote "customized school bus"

Every day, at least 8,000 school buses in Hubei Province are on the way to school and school. However, most of these school buses are not professional school buses, but are handled by ordinary commuter cars. Some of them have not been put into operation on the line.
On November 30, 2015, the reporter recently learned from the Wuhan Bus Group that it is considering creating a “customized school bus”. Similar to the customized bus, parents can book a big nose school bus for their children through the APP software.
Sending school vehicles to aggravate road congestion “Every morning, sending children to school is just like fighting.” Mr. Wan’s child, who lives in Simenkou, is 8 years old and attends school in Wuchang Experimental Primary School. When sending children to school every day, the vehicles in front of the school will not be spacious. The road is so crowded.
Around 6 pm on Friday, it was the time of school, which coincided with the evening peak of Wuyi Road. The reporter saw at the entrance of Wuyi Road Middle School that it was crowded and close to the roadside lane, which was basically occupied by the children's vehicles.
The police of the Wuchang Traffic Brigade told the reporter that when the peaks of the primary and secondary schools peaked in the morning and evening, the traffic on the road was the most blocked. “In order to facilitate the rapid flow of traffic, my colleagues and I helped the parents drive the door one by one.” A policeman told the reporter, “If you change the car to pick up the child into a school bus, the congestion on the road will be much better.”
Self-operated school bus has a big risk. “We have tried self-operated school buses, but the cost and pressure are relatively large.” The principal of a primary school in Hankou told reporters that renting a car for school bus, the cost per day is 400 yuan, and the school needs 4 A car, the daily rental fee is 1,600 yuan, plus the salary of the relevant personnel, the cost of up to 400,000 yuan a year, can not afford to give up.
At the same time, the pressure of traffic safety is not small. According to the requirements, the school bus needs someone to follow the car, and the shift staff will arrive at the starting point at 6:30 in the morning. The teacher originally had a heavy teaching task, even if it was half a month, it was unbearable.
The person in charge of the Wuhan Municipal Communications Commission told the reporter that many commuter companies in the city are currently responsible for the school bus. Most of these commuter cars are adult buses, and it is not safe for primary and secondary school students to ride.
Even more worrying is another risk hidden in self-operated school buses. According to the Provincial Traffic Management Bureau, in the anti-black school bus operation conducted in September this year, it was found that more than 300 school buses did not go through the annual inspection and went online.
Wuhan has a custom school bus to open "standard school bus should be professionally modified, the typical feature is long head design, yellow body." Dongfeng Xiangyang Wagon Co., Ltd. told reporters that the regular school bus in addition to the traditional yellow color is very eye-catching In addition, it is equipped with safety devices such as body reflective markings and anti-tire tires. In addition, the school bus seat is one size smaller than the seat on the bus. “All the school buses we operate use standard school buses.” Zhang Guoqing, the transportation and transportation department of the Wuhan Public Transport Group, told reporters that in September this year, the company opened the “Teaching Line” of the Putan Community of Wuhan Economic Development Zone to Huangling Primary School. Wuhan's first custom school bus line. However, due to the single line and no intensive effect, the school bus is still trading at a loss. “In the future, parents only need to click on the mobile phone to open the software, they can book the school bus.” The person in charge of the Wuhan Bus Group, who is responsible for operating the customized bus, believes that a school bus should string together multiple communities and schools. Not for a school, so the use of resources can be maximized.
Zhang Guoqing revealed that the company is currently in contact with some district education bureaus, hoping to use a professional school bus to open similar school bus routes to ease the traffic pressure in the morning and evening peaks.

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