Winter car 7 parts maintenance analysis

As the temperature continues to drop, how to do a comprehensive winter maintenance for the car has become a topic of concern to many driver friends. Recently, the newspaper “Long-to-late” said that netizens in the QQ group have summed up a set of “7 components maintenance for winter cars” by consulting relevant experts and combining their own car maintenance experience. I hope these Raiders will get enough help for readers.


In the early winter morning, there is a lot of dew, and the surface of the car is often very humid. If there are obvious scratches on the surface of your car, you should do a paint treatment in time to prevent the scratched parts from getting wet and rusting. In addition, in the season, you'd better do a series of beauty treatments for the surface of your car from cleaning, polishing to waxing, sealing, or coating.

2. Tire maintenance

Tyres play a decisive role in vehicle safety. Especially in winter, due to relatively low temperatures, tires should be replenished with air pressure to keep them within the specified air pressure range. At the same time, the tires should also be inspected for scratches because rubber tends to become hard and brittle in winter. Easy to leak, and even puncture.

3. Engine compartment

In winter, the driver should always check the engine compartment for oil, brake oil and antifreeze to see if the oil is sufficient, whether it is deteriorating, and whether it has reached the replacement cycle. These oils are like the blood of the car. They must be replaced by the replacement cycle to ensure smooth circulation of the oil.

4. Warm air line and fan

In winter, when the weather is cold, there will be white frost in the car. In this season, you should pay special attention to whether the air outlet under the windshield is normal and the heat is enough. If there is a problem, you must solve it in time, otherwise it will bring insecurity to your driving.

5. Air inlet or into the grille, electronic fan

Always check whether there are any debris in the car vents or in the grills or electronic fans. If there is debris, you can use a compressed air machine to blow away the dust. In addition, in the engine cooling state, the above parts can be flushed from the inside with a water gun.

6. Battery

In the winter, the electrode connections of car batteries are the most prone to problems. When the driver inspects, if there is a green oxide at the electrode connection, it must be flushed with boiling water. These green oxides will cause the generator to run low, causing the battery to be in a depleted state, and in severe cases it will cause the battery to be scrapped, or the car Can't beat the fire.

7. Interior

Due to the high temperatures and rain in the summer, many bacteria are infested in carpets, plastics and other hidden areas in the car. With the onset of winter, the windows will no longer open frequently, the air inside the cabin will become cloudy and there will be odors, and odors and bacteria will cause harm to human health. Therefore, during the season, it is very necessary for your love. The car does a thorough interior sterilization and cleaning.

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