Wind power transmission systems, especially for offshore transmission

During the seabed paving, the wind farm and the outgoing cable are placed on the seabed by the laying ship, and the seabed is impacted by high-pressure water jet, and then the cable is buried 1m deep under the seabed. If the surface of the sea floor is hard rock, a stone or gravel layer can be laid on the cable. This reduces the risk of damage to submarine cables caused by fishing, anchoring and seawater scouring.

As the scale of offshore wind farms continues to expand, the site is farther and farther away from the main grid of the land. Light-duty high-voltage direct current transmission (VSC-HVDC) technology is increasingly favored by wind power transmission systems, especially offshore transmission, because of its superiority in cost, maintenance and transmission quality. Fan concept design, target environment definition The efficient operation of wind turbines is inseparable from the precise design, and the design is largely derived from the deep understanding of the wind energy and environment resources of the target area.

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