What questions to ask when buying a used car

What are the questions to ask when buying a used car? The first car purchased by many people is a used car. Due to lack of experience, and many people are not very familiar with the used car market, many people often regret that they have not been able to drive the car for a few days. . So, what should we pay attention to?

What should I do to make a purchase of a used car for the first time, so that I will not leave any regrets? Xiao Bian reminded us that in the used car market, we must ask 10 questions before we use a used car to prevent it from being deceived.

1. What year's car?

2. Can I provide transfer procedures?

3. Is the road maintenance fee and insurance expired?

4. Did you have an accident?

5. Has the frame been refurbished?

6. Is the car surface paint?

7. EFI? Carburetor? Emissions are not up to standard?

8. What is the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers?

9. What is the lowest price?

10. Can you try the car?

The above are the top ten major issues involved in buying used cars. Be sure to ask clearly. Of course, the use of light in the used car market is useless, but also rely on their own more to see and carefully check. There are many issues to be clarified in the used-car trade, which are mainly determined by determining the status of vehicles with complete formalities; inquiring about illegal and unpaid expenses; ascertaining whether there are annual reviews, whether the vehicle frame and the engine number have been changed, and whether there are any Corrosion corrosion, there are no major signs of accident repair; contrast with the new car to see whether the engine operating conditions are stable, the engine has no oil spills, whether there is deviation or abnormal sound, acceleration is smooth and so on.

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