What is road maintenance?

Today, Xiao Bian wants to talk about road maintenance. Therefore, we must first understand what road maintenance is. Highway maintenance is a kind of comprehensive and relatively strong work. It is a kind of maintenance and maintenance. It is actually a long-term implementation of various facilities on highways. Inspections, check to see if anyone has built houses or dug in the building-controlled areas: if someone is drying food on the highway, throwing debris or infringing on the highway, infringing highways: there are also roads, bridges and Its own inspection, in order to promptly identify the disease and make timely response measures], maintenance, warranty, improvement, cleaning, landscaping and other work.

The purpose of road maintenance is to ensure unimpeded traffic, improve transport efficiency, and provide a safe, comfortable, and beautiful driving environment for driving. Its main task is to lift the hazards that may cause damage to the road and repair it to cause harm to the road. Then it is to improve the road sections, structures and facilities along the line that have low original technical standards, clean, beautify, and sign. Marking lines, barricades, and street trees are regularly refreshed. Road maintenance should be based on road protection, road maintenance for the second; road maintenance should be based on the road, the road appearance is second. Only by ensuring that the road surface is smooth and smooth, the road surface work can be carried out. The way of doing business should be flexible, identify problems, solve problems in time, and the problems should be resolved at the same time. Changing with other factors will lead to the practice of doing business based on other purposes, reducing some unnecessary operations and costs.

Road maintenance can follow some strategies:

1. Prevention-based, prevention and control

Through scientific analysis, preventive measures are taken to minimize the occurrence of some unfavorable factors such as road damage and damage. In particular, the cause of natural disasters is to prevent the road or its structure from hydrating.

2 according to local conditions, local materials

The use of local natural materials or waste from construction sites will save resources and reduce costs.

3. Combination of comprehensive conservation and key conservation

The road administration department adopts key conservation strategies and must correct maintenance without raising the bridge. In the course of conservation, both roads, bridges and tunnels should be given equal care.

Although Xiao Bian's maintenance of the road is also a short-term visit, this is also a search for some information on the Internet, I hope to help everyone.

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