What are the types of small road sweeper?

Road cleaning is currently a very important part of the cityscape management. To reduce labor costs and improve road cleaning efficiency, road sweepers have been gradually developed and widely used. We all know that depending on the road, the cleaning methods used are also very different. At present, the types of road sweepers mainly include walking methods, operating methods, and dust removal methods. In order to let everyone know more about road sweepers, We have systematically talked about the type of small road sweeper for a few days.


1. Hand-push sweepers and walk-behind sweepers. These sweepers are mainly used for the cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor medium-sized venues. The operation of hand-push sweepers and walk-behind sweepers is more flexible. Battery type and engine type, according to the different conditions of cleaning the ground, the choice of accessories are also different, hybrid wire for some of the harder outdoor floor, and natural natural bristles are more suitable for subtle dust and smooth floor cleaning. The best choice for industrial site cleaning is the selection of polyethylene synthetic bristles.

2, self-propelled sweeper, self-propelled sweeper is mainly to complete the operation through the air flow, the use of air to air and ground garbage and dust, etc., not only can improve work efficiency but also can improve air quality, reduce dust pollution, reduce The content of respirable particles in the air.

3, suction sweep type sweeper, this type of sweeper adopts the principle of negative pressure pure suction, using the principle of negative pressure pure suction, from the vacuum system, a dust box, secondary dust box, dust recovery system, hydraulic System, this Sheng dust filter cartridge, electronic control system and walking system and other components. Not only does it have a wide range of dust cleaning, but it also has a high net absorption rate. It is the main choice for some dusty and dusty industrial enterprises. At the same time, it is also suitable for quick cleaning of dusty areas such as urban viaducts, fast roads, and bridges and tunnels.

There are many types of small road sweepers . We should choose appropriate road sweepers for cleaning according to different environmental conditions and road conditions.

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