What are the top ten car complaints for the year 2017? Joint venture brand into the worst-hit area!


Time is really fleeting, and Mr. Hai Ching has not yet had time to send blessings to everyone. But once again, the time has come to write on January 2, 2018, and it's time to really lament the time. In order to be able to better connect with others, and for everyone to have a better understanding of the entire automotive industry in the new year, at this important moment just passed in 2017, the Seamaster decided to send this 2017 car to everyone. The complaints are summarized so that everyone can bid farewell to blindness when choosing a car.


Why should we choose to summarize complaints instead of other conclusions? Haijun Jun thought and thought, thinking that since the big guys buy car cars, the picture is a convenience, if the car that cost a lot of money to buy back can not be pleasing to the table, it would violate the original intention of consumption. And for cars, the quality of the three big parts and other structures not only concerns the owner's feelings, but what's more about safety. Therefore, quality is an extremely important part of a car. For those friends who already have cars, they can also check to see if their cars have these typical problems.


Through the summary, it was found that the top ten cars that were the most complained were cars, of which eight were joint venture brands and two were self-owned brands. The model with the highest number of complaints was Bora Bora, which had a total of 1,482 complaints in 2017. The problems are centered on trunk failures, abnormal braking systems, seat malfunctions, and other design flaws.


Cruze ranked second and was the victim of 1,236 complaints. The problems are concentrated in the transmission abnormal noise, transmission setback, clutch abnormal sound and steering system failure. There are many rumors about the Cruze problem. It seems that this is a well-deserved reputation.


Roewe i6 has been complaining about different allocations of the same funds in the past year. The specific reason why the car is still not clear. Followed by transmission setbacks, abnormal transmission noise, engine noise and other issues, complaints from 1185.


The fourth place, Skoda Octavia, was complained 1063. The problem was focused on odors in the car, abnormal sound of the braking system, sudden loss of transmission, and abnormal noise of the engine.


Buick Hideo can be said to be a new generation of joint-venture God car, the price is even more generous than the domestic car, configuration comparable to the joint venture car. However, since the listing, Hideo's engine oil leakage problem has not been given a solution, and many owners also called for GM to use the recall to solve the problem. In addition there are steering system stuck, engine shake, service does not solve the problem, 948 complaints, this issue is more serious, hope the manufacturers pay attention.


In the past, Excelle was able to leave behind many brands behind the scenes. The good value for money plus the joint venture's identity made the name of God's car. However, the rough workmanship, the cracking of the dashboard, and the problem of engine oil leakage are the main reasons for many consumer complaints. As a model that has been delisted, businesses are not doing well in dealing with problems and are not willing to respond to consumer demands.


Followed by Peugeot 408, 782 complaints were filed. It should be noted that sales of French cars in the country are not large, and the amount of complaints seems dazzling. Engines, suspension noise, and engine oil problems are the reasons for complaints from many owners.


Currently, in the compact-class models, the only sports car except the Civic and the Angkorra is Focus. This 100,000-seat hatchback is the first car of countless young people. However, there are a lot of small problems, car odors, gearbox jitter, abnormal sound, and setbacks are plagued by numerous owners.


The impression that Japanese cars have given everyone has always been hard-made, but there are always exceptions. Nissan Sylphy is one of the best in the world. Burning oil, abnormal gearbox, cracked dashboard, etc., only the owner of Sylphy knows.


Tenth place is Chery's Ariza 5, which is more unexpected. Chery has been working hard all these years. Regardless of whether it is in the design or the technology of the three major parts, it has made achievements. But the emergence of minor problems has really stumped the hero. Most of the complaints were related to abnormal noise, abnormal noise from shock absorbers, abnormal noise from the transmission, abnormal noise from the engine, and running deviation.

The above is the top ten list of auto complaints in 2017. Does this include your car? Does your car have these problems? Welcome everyone to leave a message under the article. If you have any mistakes, please correct me. It is not difficult to see from the ranking results that the efforts of self-owned brands over the years are obvious. I believe that the quality of domestic cars will become better and better, and everyone is also time to re-examine our own brands.

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