Weichai H Platform “Longevity Tips”: Exclusive Casting of 4-Valve Integral Cylinder Heads

Since Weichai officially released the new H platform on April 27 this year, its "longevity black technology" with a lifespan of 1.8 million kilometers/30,000 hours has attracted much attention in the industry.
Establishing Weichai WP9H, the Highest Standard of Life for High Speed, Heavy Duty Engines

The longevity secrets of the detailed H platform, in addition to advanced structural design, full test verification, and superior protection provided by the autonomous ECU and Weichai Intelligence Cloud, the four-valve monoblock cylinder head for Weichai's exclusive process casting is also supporting. The key to its longevity.

According to Weichai foundry engineers, the WP9H/WP10H four-valve monoblock cylinder head is the first integrated intake manifold for Weichai. The rough size of the blank is 153Kg, the inner cavity is complex, and the minimum wall thickness is only 4.5mm. It is a typical thin-walled complex casting. It can meet the requirements of 1.8 million kilometers/30,000 hours of high reliability and 20MPa high detonation pressure, and the overall cylinder head body can reach 300MPa or more tensile strength, equivalent to a single hair wire bearing 30Kg of force.

How is a high-specification cylinder head cast?

“These castings are prone to deformation, broken core and core sand sintering during the casting process, which causes problems such as low efficiency and poor dimensional consistency in the production process. This is one of the difficulties that we need to focus on.” said the casting engineer. .

For the difficulties in the development of the WP9H/WP10H integrated cylinder head casting process, the project team conducted a series of research and carried out a series of innovations, resulting in the high reliability and good performance of the WP9H/WP10H cylinder head.

Innovation I: The original assembly line, the group of vertical pouring, a box of pieces of casting technology

“The traditional casting process is prone to problems such as the overall deformation of the castings, poor dimensional accuracy, and the inability to achieve high cycle production. For this reason, we have created the casting process technology that includes integrated assembly lines for the assembly line, vertical set for the group, and multiple cases.”

Compared with the traditional casting technology, the flat group vertical pouring technology solves the problem of cylinder head deformation; the overall automatic core core lowering technology and the related technology of the sand core fast bonding and fastening achieve high-speed and efficient production.

Innovation 2: Using special casting materials, high temperature resistance and good collapsibility

“In the casting process, we use special casting materials. Compared with general sand cores, it is characterized by high temperature resistance and good collapsibility.” In addition to special sand cores, it is also equipped with good high temperature strength and coating performance. In the new coating, a new technology for preventing the blockage of the exhaust channel of the core was applied during the coating dip coating drying process, which solved the problems of low efficiency and difficulty in guaranteeing the quality of the artificial through hole in the traditional process.

Innovation III: Unique Compound Incubation Technology to Improve Material Tensile Strength

"To meet the requirements of high-performance engines for the material requirements of key components, we have developed a unique compound incubating technology that uses a high-performance cast iron smelting process to increase the tensile strength of the material."

The high-performance grey cast iron was developed using the world's most advanced hot air-water-cooled oxygen-enriched cupola furnace, which increased the carbon content of the original hot metal by more than 100%, resulting in a high-grade molten iron with low hereditability and good bred performance. And on the basis of thermal analysis technology, we have developed original and unique inoculants, combined with unique compound inoculation techniques, to realize efficient inoculation of hot metal.

Compared with the traditional process, using the same raw materials, the tensile strength of gray cast iron can be increased by more than 20 units, and the consistency of performance is obviously improved. The processing performance and dimensional stability of the components are all at the leading level in the industry.

WP9H/WP10H integrated cylinder head integrates the air inlet pipe, water chamber, and air intake and exhaust passages, with advanced design and exquisite workmanship, giving the engine the strongest body and skeleton. It is connected with gantry type cylinder blocks, side camshafts, and breaking connecting rods and many other "longevity black technologies" to jointly support the Weichai WP9H/WP10H engine with a life span of 1.8 million kilometers/30,000 hours, establishing the highest life expectancy of high-speed heavy-duty engines. standard.

Concrete Pile Pre-stressed/Tension Machine:

Tension Machine is a kind of feedthrough pre-tensioing. It is also called Spun Pile tension jack machine, Pole Tension Machine, prestressed tension machine etc. It is the neccesary equipment to produce Pre-stressed Concrete Spun Pile and prestressed concrete pole products. As the end of the tension rod is connected to the anchor with thread, it can be applied to various forged anchors, chilled iron anchor used for stayed-cable bridge and other similar anchors, as well as pre-tension pulling for pipes. In accordance with actual requirement.

Spun Pile Tension machine

HH Tension Machine's advantages:

1. The large-screen LCD display.

2. Double control mechanism of touch screen and keyboard, high reliability.

3. Directly work after the input of tensioning data, and the oil cylinder will automatically complete the tensioning process to reduce uncertain factor of manual operations and improve the tensile quality.

4. Built-in SD card function, which can save the tensile data to the computer regularly, and check the record at any time.

5. With its own printer, it can print tensile data in working time, avoiding the tedious and unstable manual record and ensuring the traceability of tensegrity data is verified.

Prestress Tension jack machine


Technical Parameter:

1. Oil pump flow: 12L/min

2. Motor power: 7.5kw

3. Rated power: 31.5Kpa

4.Tension force: 2000KN

5. Tension stroke: 200mm

6. Programmable controller of automatic control system + input and output of analog data Color touch screen, USB interface output

7. Control voltage: 380V+24V

8. Accuracy of prestress control:±0.1Mpa

9. Data transmission rate is 100%

Main configuration:

Automatic tension control system, 300T jack, oil pump, lifting trolley, tensioning rod, tensioning head and supporting foot.


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Concrete Pile Pre-stressed/Tension Machine

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