·Toyota teamed up with Denso and Aisin Seiki to build a joint venture company

According to foreign media reports, with Toyota's increased investment in autonomous driving and electrification, Toyota Motor Corporation recently announced that it will jointly invest a total of 2.8 billion US dollars to form a new joint venture company with Aisin Seiki and Denso. In the future, the joint venture company will be responsible for the production and development of autonomous vehicle software.
The new joint venture, called the Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD), will begin construction later this month. The headquarters is planned to be located in Tokyo. At the initial stage, it plans to hire 300 people and plans to expand to 1,000 in the future.
James Kuffner, currently Chief Technology Officer of Toyota Research, will serve as CEO of the joint venture. TRI-AD is positioned as a bridge between product development and the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). Founded in 2016, Toyota Research focuses on pure research and development.
The three parties to the cooperation will jointly invest about 2.8 billion US dollars (about 300 billion yen) to TRI-AD, Toyota will hold 90% of the joint venture company, and Aisin Seiki and Denso hold 5% of the shares respectively. .
Toyota Motor said that TRI-AD will focus on the development of autonomous driving software with production quality in the future, and the use of intelligent networked cars to collect big data is one of its ways.
Toyota and its partners have already carried out such research and development work, but Toyota hopes to attract more talents and increase investment through coordinated development to achieve faster development. Toyota expressed the hope that by 2020, autonomous vehicles capable of driving on highways will be introduced. Toyota’s investment coincides with the plan of joining Denso and Mazda’s electric vehicle R&D company last year.
Given that car companies are challenging high-tech companies to attract talent, building a separate autonomous driving company will undoubtedly help Toyota attract more talent in the computer field. Although based in Tokyo, English is the commercial English of the new joint venture.
Kuffner said: "We will recruit talents globally. The purpose of the new joint venture is to accelerate the development of autonomous driving software in a more efficient and rapid manner, by hiring the world's top software engineers to enhance the strength of Toyota."

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