·The person who won the license plate finally paid the card in the end.

On Monday (October 27th), the October Zhejiang license auction ended: the average transaction price of individuals was 47,785 yuan, an increase of 10,977 yuan from September; the lowest personal transaction price was 40,800 yuan, 7800 yuan higher than the previous month.
In October, the number of individual incremental indicators was 1,207, and 3,417 people participated in the auction, and 1,207 were traded.
Yesterday was the deadline for the payment of the auction price this month. The 1207 people who traded on the 27th have paid for it?
If you pay, it means that they get an average of nearly 48,000 yuan to get a "Zhe A license"; if you don't pay, it means "flow", they will be deducted the pre-paid 2000 yuan deposit, but Does not affect the participation in the November lottery and bidding.
Yesterday, the Municipal Property Rights Exchange did not release a specific auction rate this month (it is expected to be announced on the official bidding platform website in the next 1-2 days). The relevant staff of the Municipal Regulation Office expects that the auction rate in October "should not be higher than last month."
The number of people participating in the bidding fell for two consecutive months. The average price of individual transactions rose more than 10,000 yuan for two consecutive months. Hangzhou implemented the license plate bidding policy, which has been half a year since May this year. In the past six months, the city’s regulatory office issued monthly bidding personal indicators, which are basically around 1,200. In June, the most issued indicators reached 1,537. This is because there were some unsold indicators in May, which were automatically extended to June and reconfigured.
Judging from the number of people participating in the bidding, it has been on an upward trend from May to August, reaching 6,895 in August, the highest; but it has continued to decline in the following two months.
The average transaction price of personal transactions, except for June, has maintained a very strong growth momentum, from 19,608 yuan in May to 47,785 yuan in October, especially in September and October, the increase has exceeded 10,000 yuan.
The closing price of personal transactions, in May, there has been a minimum reserve price of 10,000 yuan for the auction rules, which has exceeded 40,000 yuan this month. (The specific data for 6 months is shown in the figure)
The Municipal Regulation Office said that the current bidding situation is still not stable, and everyone needs an adaptation process. In the first half of the year, the number of bidders in October decreased by more than 2,000 from September, and the lowest transaction price decreased slightly from September. These are good signs.
In October, the transaction price was more than 50,000-60,000 yuan, and one person quoted more than 100,000 yuan. How much is the Hangzhou people willing to spend "changing" a piece of Zhejiang A license, what is the psychological price and how much capacity? Looking at the auction rate in the past six months, everyone may feel a bit.
In May of this year, the first month of the license plate bid, 890 people were auctioned on the day of the auction, and the last 81 people gave up the indicator, and the auction rate was about 9.1%. This ratio is currently the highest.
At that time, when analyzing the reasons for the auction, some insiders thought that the quotation was too high is one of the factors. The average transaction price of the month was 19,608 yuan, but some people quoted 25,000 or even 30,000 yuan for transactions, which had a certain psychological gap. But now looking back, the price of "25,000 or even 30,000 yuan" is not so exaggerated.
Since then, the auction rate in June-August has shown a continuous downward trend. Among them, 1196 people were auctioned on the day of the auction in August, and the last 17 people gave up the indicator. The auction rate was about 1.4%, the lowest in half a year. The average transaction price of the month was 24,534 yuan, and the personal transaction price was 22,500 yuan.
In September, the auction rate rose to 2.9%. The staff of the Municipal Control Office believes that this is because some people have reported high prices and finally did not pay the bidding amount.
What will happen in October? The Municipal Regulation Office said that the auction rate should not be higher than September. This month, in addition to one person quoted more than 100,000, other quotations are "extremely high", and most of the deals are 50,000-60,000 yuan. And from the situation in the past few days, most of them have paid their money.

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