The first Crab Futian Auman Lynx flagship store officially opened

Now, landing Tmall Mall, can buy official truck parts from above.

The reporter recently learned that the well-known truck manufacturing company in China, Foton Daimler Automotive has begun early adopters of "online shopping," directly on the Internet sales Futian Auman truck parts.

It is understood that the official flagship store of Futian Daimler Automotive Auman Accessories was officially launched on December 28, 2013. The reporter saw in the Futian Auman Accessories Tmall flagship store, from the small to the value of the 0.42 yuan manipulator in the spacer, to the value of 44600 yuan Auman ETX high-top wide car cab assembly, all kinds of accessories everything, and During the opening period, the sales of the whole product was 8.5 fold, and the mainland area was still shipping.

Foton Daimler Automotive Auman Accessories Official Flagship Store screenshot

The manager of Futian Daimler Automotive's Auman Accessories Company told reporters that since 2013, Foton Daimler Automotive has officially established the opening of the e-commerce phase, focusing on building third-party platform Auman accessories shop, and initially selected , Alibaba, Cool Distribution Network, Auto Parts Network as the key to settle in.

“As of the end of December 2013, we have completed the construction of 12 Taobao Online Shops, 6 Cool Distribution Network Shops, 4 Auto Parts Online Shops and 2 Alibaba Online Shops. The store has also officially launched."

Manager Li also disclosed that the online shops of Taobao, Cool Distribution Network, Auto Parts Network, and's Auman accessories are all jointly built by Foton Daimler Automotive and distributors, while the official Tmall flagship store is Foton Daimler Motors operates its own business.

Manager Li told reporters that currently Oman's accessories are sold in O2O mode. "We effectively use the advantages of Auman's accessories sales company in a large number of parts libraries throughout the country. After obtaining orders online, we immediately send them to the accessories library, and then deliver the accessories to the users and achieve effective interaction between online and offline."

Foton Daimler Automotive Auman Accessories official flagship store also introduced a popular limited-time buy

Will the parts of the shop be cheaper than the offline stores?

Manager Lee said that due to the need to take care of the interests of service providers and accessories dealers, online shop spare parts will not be much cheaper than the offline store price, but the advantage of the shop is to narrow the user and Foton Daimler. The connection between cars and access to authentic Auman accessories. "Moreover, buying accessories at online stores can get more services, such as door-to-door service."

Manager Li believes that with the younger truck drivers, they are very familiar with the network, and from the current website sales data, many orders are ordered from the smart phone terminal, therefore, Foton Daimler car parts for online shopping trucks The outlook is very optimistic.

“From the current business situation, this shop is still approved by some users. Although the Tmall flagship store has just opened, but has received more than 100 orders.” Li told reporters.

Is the O2O model promising in the truck industry? This reporter interviewed senior professionals in the industry. The professional said that online shopping is not new to the commercial vehicle industry, especially the heavy-duty truck industry. In recent years, some distributors have successively sold wholesale parts and accessories on Alibaba, or are related to heavy-duty trucks. However, Fukuda Daimler is considered the “first person to eat crabs” in this respect. As for whether the vehicle can enter the online shopping field, the veteran said that compared to spare parts, the work of purchasing a complete vehicle is relatively complicated, and it lacks a certain mature online shopping model, which still requires heavy truck companies to explore in depth.

“Overall, Foton Daimler has brought a good start for commercial vehicle companies to enter the online shopping field and is worthy of encouragement. For the commercial vehicle industry in urgent need of marketing innovation, Fukuda Daimler has once again come to the front.” Summarized.

Futian Daimler Automotive Auman Accessories Tmall Mall Official Flagship Store Website:

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