The development of the automotive industry still depends mainly on gasoline generators

Environmental Coalition Environmental Energy: Automobile manufacturers have reached a consensus recently to build the most fuel-efficient cars and trucks by 2025, which will in turn promote the development of new designs and technologies. Nevertheless, the industry still relies mainly on gasoline generators.

U.S. President Barack Obama recently stated that according to the blueprint for future energy and economic needs, energy efficiency will increase by 53% by 2025. Reuters said that this goal is difficult to increase the production of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles; currently these products account for only a small part of the US sales market.

United States Concerned Scientists Union Clean Energy Automotive Project of Brendan? Bell (Brendan Bell) said: "Car manufacturers are adapting standards by improving technology."

Experts pointed out that the automotive industry will accelerate the development of cleaner gasoline engines, strengthen the transmission system, and make raw materials more light - such as using more reliable steel and alloys, should be based on more aerodynamic design, so that in high oil prices In the era, we meet the needs of consumers and comply with new policy requirements.

Ford Motor Company of the United States has long been reluctant to transition after relying heavily on fuel-heavy trucks, sport utility vehicles, and minivans. However, the transformation of large trucks and various models of trucks is somewhat difficult.

BorgWarner CEO Tim? Tim Manganello said: "The Detroit Big Three eventually discovered the fuel economy and determined to focus on this." His company mainly develops turbine compressors and other engine technologies. He pointed out that to enhance fuel economy, it will undoubtedly drive up the cost of automakers.

Obama is particularly interested in electric vehicles and improved battery technology because this measure can promote green jobs and reduce fuel consumption. Environmentalists warned that any potential loopholes will deviate from the most effective targets for new fuel standards. But overall, the industry’s efforts in the field of energy conservation are currently effective. Chrysler product spokesman Vance? Vince Muniga said: "You must swallow the whole elephant!"

The American public believes that certain characteristics of the car should not be reduced, such as engine performance, fluency, cargo space, driver assistance services, and GPS.

GM introduced Cruze and Vollanda with a four-cylinder engine, while Ford Motor Company developed an energy-efficient engine combining fuel and turbine transformation. In addition, companies also invest heavily in transmissions, such as installing additional gears to reduce the number of revolutions to increase launch effectiveness. Fiat's Chrysler car uses this technology in its new Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger.

At the same time, car testing senior engineer Jack? Jake Fisher pointed out that in the future auto makers will also use metals and materials such as high-strength steel that are lighter and more stable and provide protection in the event of a crash. At present, metal aluminum is relatively expensive for automobile production, but in the future, it will be further applied to support systems and reduce the weight of automobiles. However, the prospects for applying synthetic materials such as aircraft carbon fiber are still uncertain.

Other automakers around the world, such as Japan’s Toyota and Honda, will continue to highlight hybrids. Ford is also pushing for hybrids, while Volkswagen and other European automakers want to introduce clean diesel vehicles in the US market.

In June, the Boston Consulting Group evaluated plug-in hybrids and other electric vehicles. The company pointed out that based on rising oil prices and reduced costs after engine improvements, by 2020, the proportion of new energy vehicles in the US market will reach 5%.

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