The demand for new energy buses will increase and development faces three roads

As haze weather intensifies, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution has become a top priority for government work. Although the government work report for the first time in six years did not mention the concept of “new energy vehicles”, the clear-cut policies such as “catching up on new energy, new materials, etc.” indicate that new energy vehicles are still given high hopes.

With the continuous increase in the mobility of the population and the continuous expansion of the city, the demand for public transport services by urban residents continues to grow. New energy buses, especially hybrid buses, are very suitable for domestic realities. They have great benefits for the improvement of urban multi-modal public transport systems, governance of road congestion and environmental pollution, and the promotion of smart public transport cities and low-carbon cities. .

However, policy hotlines are difficult to exchange for effective market response. There are still many obstacles to the advancement of new energy vehicles.

The first is that the supporting facilities are not perfect. In the development of new energy vehicles, the battery is the core technology, and the charging station facilities are the most important supporting facilities. The exchange of power station construction is not only a big investment, but also has a larger venue. In contrast, the exchange of electricity is relatively convenient, but the investment in the construction of the transformer station is large and the cost is high. The State does not advocate the construction of a replacement station. NPC deputy Tang Yuxiang suggested that all localities should be encouraged to speed up infrastructure construction and rewards for charging facilities should be awarded at the rate of RMB 40,000 per Taiwan.

Followed by technical standards are not perfect. At present, the technical standards for the new energy automotive industry are still blank, and EFI systems and automatic transmission technologies are monopolized by foreign companies and hinder industrial development. Compared with developed countries, the development of new energy vehicles in China is not just the matching of infrastructure facilities, development costs, battery volume and weight issues, endurance issues of new energy vehicles, battery life issues, and battery environmental hazards. The solution to the problem is all that must be faced in the development of new energy vehicles. Therefore, as soon as possible to implement, as soon as possible to study and formulate specific technical standards is the development of new energy vehicles. For enterprises, more emphasis should be placed on independent core technology R&D, innovative marketing and business models.

Finally, the large bus groups and tourism companies that purchase passenger cars have serious local protection. Generally, they only purchase products from local or surrounding bus companies, which has become one of the main factors that hinder the development of new energy buses.

Industry personnel pointed out: "On the surface, the slow development of China's new energy vehicle market is due to high battery costs, high selling prices, and lack of charging facilities. The key reason is actually local protectionism. New energy vehicles can only be digested locally and hard to sell to other countries. Demonstration pilot cities.

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