The 1-year-old son mistakenly locked himself in the car and his mother wanted to use a cutting machine to cut the trunk

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At about 3 pm on April 28th, Zhang, who lived in the upper city area of ​​Panhuo Street, went to the underground garage to pick up the car, opened the door, and fixed his one-year-old son in a safety seat.
Seeing that his son is crying and making a fuss, he wants to play the key, and Zhang puts the key into his hand and closes it to the driver's seat.
She just got out of the car, had not opened the driver's seat door, only heard "click", the baby inadvertently pressed the lock button on the car key, the door locked.
Zhang hurried, hurriedly called, and the baby clicked again. The son listened to his mother yelling, panic, crying out loud, shook his hand and lost his car key.
Zhang stood outside his popular Scirocco car and felt helpless, wondering if his son would stay in a confined car and he would be in a cold sweat. She hurried to the police and asked the community security to help.
Zhang's car was not covered with foil, and the security guards couldn't break the windows, fearing that the broken glass would splatter the child. Go to the car trunk.
When the police officer of the central police station Chen police officers arrived at the scene, the trunk had been pulled out of a seam.
Zhang held a cutting machine and was preparing to cut the trunk. Chen police officer quickly stopped. He said that the space in the car was not small, and there was a gap in the trunk. The child could not suffocate. "Calm down! You are responsible for the good boy. I'm responsible for opening the car door."
Chen police officer contacted the nearby unlocking company. Ten minutes later, the master unlocked and opened the door in less than two minutes.
The police officer Chen reminded that it is very dangerous to give the car keys to the children to play. As May 1 approaches, everyone should pay attention to guarding when they are on a trip. Car keys must be kept by themselves.
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