Talking about the Function Features of Speed ​​Gate Turning Machine

With the continuous development of society, the application of Speed ​​Gate has been widely used in various places. It is no longer confined to airport and subway security applications. It has applications in various public places such as libraries, convention centers, and attractions. Turnstiles, as a traffic management device, cooperate with other security systems and play an important role.

Three features of the speed gates 1. Anti-trail function: Speed ​​gates can adjust the on/off state of the infrared light detection zone according to the customer's accuracy requirements. It is very effective to achieve a single single pass, that is, one pass at a time. If there is a trailing person, the identity of the trailing person can be effectively identified. When determining the identity of the trailing person, the system will respond according to the position of the effective card holder returned by the infrared detector, or even cause an alarm system.

Gates 2. Abnormal usage:

a. Reverse intrusion when the door opens. After the door is opened, if an unauthorized pedestrian enters the door detection area in the reverse direction, the door is immediately closed. As long as the first protection detection band detects the presence of someone, the “aging” function The time at this time is not calculated and the door resumes normal work when the person leaves the second detection zone.

b. When the door closes, the reverse pedestrian enters the pedestrian after the authorizing the door opening signal. Before passing the first safe photodetector, if the reverse detector detects that someone enters, the buzzer will only do if the person does not leave. The alarm is always issued, the door remains closed and the "ageing" function does not calculate the time interval.

c. The trailing body detects the pedestrian from the first detector to the last detector where he left the first security detection zone. The time gap is about 0.25 seconds. After the pedestrian leaves the first security detection zone, the signal at the reader is not In the case of an open door, a pedestrian (trailer) was detected in the first detection area. The alarm sounded and the door remained open.

d. When the pedestrian leaves, the reverse pedestrian enters the second security detection area. Before the door returns to the basic state, the second security detection area detects that another person has entered without the door open signal, and the alarm system issues an alarm. However, as long as someone is still detected in the protected area, the door will not close.

e. After the normal trailing pedestrian leaves the protection detection area, the first security detection area detects that unauthorized persons have entered and the door is closed immediately. The alarm sounds long.

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