Sonardyne Receives Order for Semi-Submersible Drilling Platform DP System

With the continuous development of acoustic inertial navigation technology, Sonardyne International Co., Ltd. has announced that a semi-submersible drilling rig of a world-renowned offshore drilling contractor has selected the company's Marksman DP-INS system.
According to reports, the DP-INS system developed for the DP system to meet the deepwater drilling equipment must be equipped with three sets of independent positioning reference input system requirements. Traditionally, an acoustic positioning system and two separate DGPS systems have been used. However, acoustics are susceptible to ventilation and noise, and two GPS systems are also susceptible to signal interference, especially during the equator and high solar radiation periods.
The DP-INS system combines Sonardyne's Wideband® 2 acoustic signal technology with the highly integrated Lodestar AHRS/INS inertial measurement technology to withstand acoustic interference and is completely independent of the GPS system. The deep water positioning performance of the system enables considerable cost savings and the deployment of fewer acoustic transponders.

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