Shaanxi Auto Wanfang and German Ebeh held a joint venture signing ceremony

In the afternoon of December 3, 2013, Shaanxi Auto Wanfang Company and German Eberhe Exhaust Gas Technology International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ebenberg”) held the Eberhe exhaust technology in the third meeting room of the Management Center (Xi’an ) Co., Ltd. joint venture and cooperation signing ceremony. Shaanxi Auto Holdings Chairman Fang Hongwei, General Manager Yuan Hongming, Wanfang Company's Board of Directors, and Thomas Waldhier, Chief Operating Officer of Ebah's Exhaust Division, Hu Min, Vice President of Asia, and Ekkehard Fritz, Sales Director of Asia, attended the signing ceremony. .

Fang Hongwei and Thomas Waldhier had friendly talks. Fang Hongwei hopes that through this cooperation, he will be able to further enhance Shaanxi 's ability to respond to market changes and do some in-depth thinking and preparation for market changes. Thomas Waldhier said that Eberspächer enjoys a high reputation in Europe and North America and cooperated with Wanfang to lay the foundation for Ebekh's entry into the Chinese market. He pledged to be the first echelon of Shaanxi Automobile in terms of energy conservation, environmental protection and reprocessing. Contributes a solid force. Subsequently, the two parties signed the "Joint Venture Contract" and "Articles of Association" and other agreements on the joint venture between Shaanxi Automobile Wanfang and Eberhöhe to establish Ebenberg Exhaust Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.

It is believed that through this cooperation, Wanfang’s strategy of “stimulating strategic transformation with products” will be rapidly promoted. It is expected that project cooperation will allow Wanfang Company to achieve a significant increase in output value and profitability.

Aluminum sand casting production technology process:

Aluminum sand casting production technology process

The precision of the Aluminum sand casting: ±1mm;

Smoothness of surface of rough part: Ra6.4;

Shrinkage rate of aluminum sand casting products: 2%;

Material wastage rate: 7%;

General aluminum sand casting machining allowance: 2mm~3mm;

Surface preparation methods: Sand blasted, Shot blasting, Powder coating, Painting, Plating, Electrophoresis, Polishing.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum sand casting part:

Generally use wooden and aluminum mold, far cheaper than metal mold casting mould. The price advantage is particularly prominent in small batch and bulk production. But the production efficiency is low; Low dimension accuracy of castings, the surface is rough.

The production of aluminum sand casting parts

Aluminum sand casting production

Aluminum Sand Casting Part

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