Several Reasons for Error Production of Electromagnetic Flowmeters

The liquid in the tube is not full. Because the back pressure is not enough or the position of the flow sensor is not good, the liquid in the measuring tube is not filled. The phenomenon of failure is different due to the degree of incomplete filling and flow conditions. If a small amount of gas is stratified or wavy in the water pipe, the fault phenomenon is manifested as an increase in the error, that is, the flow measurement is inconsistent with the actual value; if the flow is a bubble flow or a plug flow, the fault phenomenon does not match the measured value and the actual value. In addition, output shaking will occur due to the gas phase covering the electrode surface instantaneously; if the gas phase part of the flow cross-sectional area increases in the stratified flow of the horizontal pipe, that is, the degree of liquid underfill increases, output shaking will also occur if the liquid is not full. The situation is so serious that below the surface helium electrodes, the phenomenon of output over-fullness occurs. The liquid contains solids containing solid particles such as powder particles or fibers, which may cause failures; slurry noise ( 2 ) electrode surface contamination; ( 3 ) conductive deposits or insulating deposits covering the electrodes or linings; ( 4 ) The lining is worn or covered by sediments and the flow cross-sectional area is reduced. Liquid crystals that may crystallize, electromagnetic flowmeters should be used with caution. Some chemical materials that are easy to crystallize can be normally measured under normal temperature conditions. Since the conduits carrying the fluids have good heat-tracing insulation, they will not crystallize when the insulation is normal, but electromagnetic The measurement tube of the flow sensor is difficult to implement heat tracing and heat insulation. Therefore, when the fluid flows through the measuring tube, it is easy to cause a knot on the inner wall due to temperature drop. A “ring” electromagnetic flow sensor with a very short measuring tube length can be used, and the flow rate can be selected. The upstream heat tracing of the pipeline is strengthened. In the pipe connection method, it is convenient to disassemble and disassemble the flow sensor. Once the crystallization occurs, it can be easily removed for maintenance. Electrode and grounding ring material caused by improper selection Problems caused by the material and the measured medium does not match the electromagnetic flowmeter caused by the failure and the media contact parts are the electrode and grounding ring. Mismatches in addition to corrosion problems, mainly electrode surface effects. The surface effects are: ( 1 ) Forming a passivation film on the surface of the chemical reaction ( 2 ) Producing an electric potential due to electrochemical and polarization phenomena ( 3 ) Producing an aerosol on the surface of the electrode by catalytic action . Ground loops also have these effects, but the impact is less. Problems caused by the liquid conductivity exceeding the allowable range The liquid conductivity may also be shaken if it approaches the lower limit. Because the lower limit value specified by the manufacturer's instrument specification is the lowest value that can be measured under various conditions of use, and the actual conditions are not ideal, so many times encountered measuring low distilled or deionized water Its conductivity is close to the lower limit of 5S/cm regulated by the electromagnetic flowmeter specification , and output shaking occurs during use. It is generally considered that the lower limit of the conductivity that can be measured stably is 1-2 orders of magnitude higher. CO2 or NOX generates carbonic acid sulfate, which increases the conductivity.

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