Several major causes of failure of the heat pump

The heat-conducting oil pump is of superior quality in all the heat-conducting oil pumps and has a certain special application range. However, when the stainless steel pump is working, some unexpected failures may occur, such as downtime. We need to analyze the main reasons for downtime so that we can avoid unnecessary machine damage in the future. The shutdown of the thermal oil pump is mainly caused by the failure of the mechanical seal. The performance of failure is mostly leakage. The reasons for the leakage are as follows:

1 Leakage of the static and dynamic ring sealing surface, mainly due to: flatness of the end face, roughness does not meet the requirements, or scratches on the surface; there is particulate matter between the end faces, resulting in both ends can not be the same operation; installation is not in place, the method is not correct.

2 The leakage of the compensation ring seal ring is mainly caused by: deformation of the gland, uneven preload; incorrect installation; quality of the seal ring does not conform to the standard; incorrect selection of the seal ring.

After the heat pump stops running:

1 Conveying easy-to-crystallize, easy-to-solidify, easy-to-precipitate medium heat transfer oil pump, prevent blocking after stopping the pump, and flush the heat-conducting oil pump and pipeline with clean water or other medium in time.

2 The high-temperature heat transfer oil pump should be stopped according to the technical documents of the equipment. After parking, it should be half a turn for 20-30min, until the temperature of the heat pump pump body drops to 50°C.

3 When the low-temperature heat transfer oil pump is stopped, when there is no special requirement, the heat transfer oil pump should always be filled with liquid; the suction valve and the discharge valve should be kept open; the low temperature heat transfer oil pump with double-end mechanical seal, the liquid level controller and the pump seal cavity The sealant should maintain the grouting pressure of the pump.

4 When the centrifugal oil pump stops running, the population valve of the pump should be turned off. After the pump is cooled, the valves of the auxiliary system are closed. Drain the accumulated liquid in the pump to prevent rust and cracks.

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