Select desulfurization and denitrification equipment to make pure sky become eternal

1, the removal of substances is not the same, so the treatment process and the required agents are different;

2. The desulfurization process is currently relatively mature, and the denitration process is still improving.

The current problems of denitrification:

1. Corrosion problem of denitrification in SNCR furnace;

2. Influencing factors of denitrification are theoretically much more than desulfurization. In the actual project, ammonia is sprayed at the same position in the same combustion condition of the same furnace. Due to the effects of carbon monoxide, wind field, temperature field, and coal quality, it is likely that the results will be very different. .

The single biggest difference between denitrification and desulfurization is that the denitration can achieve nitrogen oxide reduction by adjusting the combustion replacement burner in a pulverized coal fired boiler. This method has no operating cost other than the initial investment. The desulfurization is not currently like denitrification. The low-nitrogen combustion reforms such a process with a zero operating cost and a significant effect.

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