Security issues are the key to the development of the Internet of Things

[Upstream and downstream of China's instrumentation network industry] Home refrigerators, televisions, out-of-door automobiles, and even the company's doors are no longer electronic devices that are cold and will only execute simple instructions, but are connected to the Internet and become " The organic components of the "Internet of Everything" era provide users with intelligent services anytime, anywhere...

The future of the Internet of Things looks very good, but not everyone thinks that some questions seem very reasonable: connecting the hospital's life-saving system with the Internet, once the consequences of the attack are disastrous; connecting the car to the Internet once it is The attack will be replaced by other people to determine the direction of the passengers in the car; connecting the house door to the Internet and once attacked will allow the thieves to walk unimpeded.

Once it is attacked, this is the biggest hidden concern in the prosperity of the Internet of Things. People use the digital world to control the real world, and how to ensure that the digital world is controlled by the right person? If there is a security problem in the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things of the original service provider is interconnected. It will become a cage that confuses people.

At the inaugural meeting of the “China IoT Working Committee,” the Baidu representative, who was the main sponsor, proposed that securing the Internet of Things is the lifeline of the Internet of Things. China's Internet of Things security solutions should not come from overseas standards or technologies, but should have Chinese characteristics, Chinese companies master core technologies.

From the current status of the development of the Internet of Things, there are five major security risks in the Internet of Things: First, 80% of IoT devices have the risk of privacy disclosure or abuse; second, 80% of devices allow the use of weak passwords; third, 70% of IoT devices do not have communication Encryption; Fourth, 60% of IoT devices have a web interface vulnerability; Fifth, 60% of IoT devices do not use encryption when downloading software updates. Exposure of such a large-scale hidden danger is an urgent task for domestic security companies.

However, the traditional security technology model has its limitations in the era of the Internet of Things. If there is a lack of comprehensive layout and cooperation among the cloud, management, and end-users, it will leave a noticeable shortcoming to the Internet of Things system. For some traditional enterprises that lack security technology but want to get involved in the Internet of Things, many people do not realize that if the Internet of things equipment system is transferred by experts in the industrial field and there is no security expert involved in design guidance, then many good visions will be It will suddenly become a disaster. The fall of security in the digital world will eventually lead to the outbreak of problems in the real world.

The overall layout of security and the continuous achievements in the field of pan-security are also the reason why Baidu has become the main initiator of the “China IoT Working Committee”. In the areas of PC, mobile, and cloud security, Baidu has its own scientific and technological achievements, and it can find solutions to the five major security risks in the Internet of Things. Among them, Baidu antivirus ranks No. 1 in the Chinese Killing Soft Appraisal, mobile security is a partner of the Ministry of Public Security's key laboratory to combat pseudo-base stations, and cloud security masters the core technology, with more than 30% of the industry's largest market share. In addition, Baidu Security also actively participates in safety-related working groups such as the development of national standards for Internet of things and infrastructure construction.

In the irreversible era of the Internet of Everything, ensuring security is the most important basic task. Without the Internet of Things becoming a prisoner, besides the efforts of Baidu and the Internet of Things Task Force, domestic cyber security companies should take action to exchange real technological advances for future market space, with more domestically mastered core technologies such as Baidu. Safe companies escort and the Internet of Things will allow users to enjoy their freedom.

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