Scanning electron microscope and spectrometer supporting operation method and application research and acceptance

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] July 31, 2019, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Scientific Instrument Method Research and Research Project "Scanning Electron Microscope and Spectrometer Non-destructive Testing Micro-nano-scale Metal Plating Thickness Sharing Operation Method and Application Research" (Project No.) 16142202500) The acceptance meeting was held at the Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology.
The participating experts listened to the report of the project team and reviewed the acceptance data provided by the project team. After questioning and discussion, the expert group believed that the project team completed the research content specified in the project task book, reached the evaluation index, and agreed to pass the acceptance.
The project is based on micro-nano-scale gold (Au) coating and rhodium (Rh) coating material. The scanning electron microscopy and energy spectrometer and Monte Carlo simulation are used to establish the energy spectrum test results and the X-ray depth distribution curve of the elemental features. Relationship between. The difference between the coating thickness energy spectrum measurement result and the scanning electron microscope measurement result is not more than ±10%, and provides a common precious metal plating thickness analysis range.
Scanning electron microscope and spectrometer non-destructive testing of micro-nano-scale metal plating thickness shared by the project avoids the disadvantages of traditional micro-nano metal-scale coating thickness testing, and can quickly, accurately and non-destructively analyze the thickness of precious metal coating. China's integrated circuit, precious metal jewelry and other industries provide technical basis for the development.
Searched by the Shanghai Science and Technology New Search Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the project is novel and the comprehensive technology has reached the international advanced level.

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KONE Oyj (officially typeset KONE and pronounced /koʊneɪ/), founded in 1910 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is an international engineering and service company employing some 49,000 personnel worldwide. The firm is the 4th largest manufacturers of elevators and escalators worldwide, and also provides maintenance services and modernization. In addition, KONE builds and services automatic doors and gates. The company provides local service for builders, developers, building owners, designers and architects in 1,000 offices in over 50 countries.Since 1924, KONE has been owned by one of Finland's wealthiest families, the Herlin family. After Harald Herlin purchased the company in 1924, he served as its Chairman until 1941. Afterwards, his son, Heikki H. Herlin, took over his father's post from 1941–1987. Control of the company was then handed down to his son, Pekka Herlin, which he retained from 1987–2003. The current Chairman of KONE's Board of Directors from 2003 onwards is Antti Herlin, the son of Pekka Herlin.

In the Finnish language Kone means "machine" or "device".

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In June 2013 the company launched a new high-rise elevator technology, called 'KONE UltraRope', which enables future elevator travel heights of 1 kilometre. The product is light due to its carbon fibre core and a high-friction coating. Because of these qualities, elevator energy consumption in high-rise buildings can be cut significantly.

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The 'KONE EcoDisc motor', used for hoisting, reduces the amount of energy lost as heat. The motor control system and brakes make the elevator ride quiet and the design frees up space.


The 'KONE MonoSpace' for low- to mid-rise buildings is the world`s first machine-room-less elevator.The 'KONE EcoSpace' elevator is a machine-room-less traction elevator designed for low-rise buildings from 2 to 15 stories as an energy-efficient alternative to hydraulic elevators, and can fit in an existing hydraulic elevator hoistway. It is produced in a 150 feet per minute (0.76 m/s) speed, 200 feet per minute (1.0 m/s) and 350 feet per minute (1.8 m/s) variants.The 'KONE MiniSpace' elevator with a small machine room is often used in high-rise buildings.

Other trademarks

'People Flow' is a registered trademark of KONE Corporation.

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KONE Elevator Spare Parts, KONE Elevator Parts, KONE Lift Spare Parts, KONE Lift Parts

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