Reasons for the cutting speed of CNC high-optical machine equipment

The reason why the sales of CNC high-gloss machine equipment is increasing year by year is that, besides the accuracy factor, it is the efficiency. We know that once a machine tool is set up, it can be drilled, boring, milling, reaming, tapping, etc. Automatically changing the tool according to the workpiece processing, automatic tool, automatically change the spindle speed, feed, etc., it greatly reduces the workpiece clamping time, measurement and machine tool adjustment and other auxiliary process time, the processing of more complex shapes, high precision requirements , The variety of frequent replacement parts of its convenient and technological effects are very objective.

So what are the main reasons that affect the cutting speed of CNC high-optical machine equipment? Xiao Bian specially consulted Dongguan Dingyi CNC machinery manufacturers:

Workpiece Material: The hardness of the workpiece material will affect the cutting speed of the tool. When the same tool is used to process hard materials, the cutting speed needs to be reduced, while the high-speed machining of softer materials can increase the cutting speed.

Tool life: If the tool usage time (life) is long, a lower cutting rate should be used. Conversely, higher cutting speeds can be used.

Tool material: different tool materials, the maximum allowable cutting speed is also different. High-speed steel cutting tool cutting speed of less than 50m/min, tungsten carbide tool high temperature cutting speed of up to 100m/min, high-temperature ceramic cutting tool cutting speed up to 1000/min.

The shape of the tool: The shape of the tool, the size of the angle, and the sharpness of the cutting edge all affect the selection of the cutting speed.

Cutting depth and feed rate: The cutting depth and feed amount are large, the cutting resistance is also large, and the cutting heat will increase. Therefore, the cutting speed of CNC high-precision machine tools should be reduced.

Cutting fluid use: The use of cutting fluid during cutting can effectively reduce the heat of cutting and thus increase the cutting speed.

In addition, if the high-efficiency high-speed spindle unit of CNC high-precision machine tool can increase the cutting speed, on the contrary, it needs to reduce the cutting speed.

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