·Qingdao, Shandong: Introducing new energy vehicle subsidies

Recently, the Qingdao Municipal Finance Bureau of Shandong Province issued the “Temporary Measures for the Administration of Special Funds for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles in Qingdao”. For the consumers who purchase new energy vehicles, the city’s finance will be proportionate on the basis of the central financial subsidies. Grants are also given.
The "Measures" stipulate that the new energy vehicles that receive subsidies refer to pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid (including extended-program) cars and fuel cell vehicles that are included in the National Catalogue of Recommended Models for Energy-Saving and New Energy Vehicle Demonstration and Application. In 2014 and 2015, for the consumers who purchased new energy vehicles, the city's finances will provide a certain proportion of support according to the central government's 2013 new energy vehicle promotion and application central financial subsidy standards, and no downsizing mechanism will be implemented.
In terms of specific quotas, pure electric buses and plug-in hybrids (including extended-program) buses, each of which is given a financial subsidy of 20% according to the central financial subsidy standard; pure electric passenger cars, plug-in hybrids (including Program) Passenger cars, each of which is given a financial subsidy of 1:1 according to the central financial subsidy standard, and the total amount of the central government and the city's financial subsidies does not exceed 60% of the vehicle sales price; used in postal, logistics, sanitation and other industries. The pure electric special vehicle shall be subsidized by 1000 yuan per kWh according to the battery capacity, and the total amount of each subsidy shall not exceed 20% of the highest standard of the central financial subsidy; each fuel cell vehicle shall be given a financial subsidy of 20% according to the central financial subsidy standard. . In addition, for the construction of charging facilities that meet the requirements and have been approved by the municipal joint venture, 30% of the investment in public charging pile equipment (excluding civil works and other expenses) will be given financial assistance.

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