Prince Harry's wedding video will launch face recognition technology

According to the latest news from foreign media, the live broadcast of British Sky TV will automatically add character information subtitles on the screen through face recognition technology. This technology was co-operated by Space TV and some technology companies and the Amazon cloud computing department to launch face recognition in the wedding live broadcast. When celebrities from all walks of life step into the wedding scene, the related software developed by Amazon will identify the identity, and the specific introduction subtitles will automatically appear on the TV screen.

In Sky's mobile phone software, users can also get more detailed information about a wedding guest, which also comes from face recognition and behind-the-scenes software systems.

Undoubtedly, such technology will greatly enhance the television broadcast and viewing experience. Especially in sports games and other scenarios, athletes move quickly, which is not conducive to manual editing and timely addition of subtitles. At this time, face recognition will quickly identify the identity of the athlete and even display information such as height, weight, and age on the screen.

In the traditional television coverage and broadcast, there will be many subtitles related to the identity of the person on the screen. This is the result of manual editing. However, face recognition technology will take on this complicated work.

American authoritative media "Hollywood Report" pointed out that face recognition will be applied more widely in the television industry in the future. For example, in the live broadcast of the Academy Awards, the face recognition system will recognize every celebrity star.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, face recognition has also entered a commercial and practical stage. For example, through the closed-circuit monitoring system, the police can identify a suspect and perform rapid arrest. At the crossroads of some cities, even a system capable of identifying passersby has emerged in order to remind pedestrians not to stop at the red light.

However, the introduction of face recognition and identity recognition in television broadcasts will also raise the question of infringement of personal privacy. For example, the Sky TV station mentioned above has obtained the consent of the parties when identifying the guests. In addition, face recognition technology requires the accumulation and training of large amounts of data, and how the recognition system captures a person's face picture, which will also become a focus of attention.

In the past, Google Earth’s satellite photo service had caused controversy infringing on individual privacy in many countries. Some users found that the unattractive image of resting on the balcony of their home was actually exposed by Google Earth. In order to avoid controversy, Google blurs the face or license plate.

With the technology of face recognition, Google and other technology companies may even grasp the real identity of a character in the photo through big data. Such technological progress even makes consumers “shrinking”.

It is worth mentioning that natural language recognition, which also belongs to artificial intelligence, has also achieved rapid development. Before YouTube launched a feature of automatically recognizing languages ​​and adding subtitles in a large number of online videos, it has greatly reduced the burden on subtitling staff.

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