·Policy preference logistics Pearl River Delta light truck market stabilized

This year's light truck sales in the Pearl River Delta exceeded the overall pace of the rest of the country, and the first three quarters showed significant other characteristics.
"At present, it sells about 1600 vehicles. This year's sales will double that of last year." Liang Chao of Shenzhen Shuncheng Jiangling Motors Trading Co., Ltd. is full of confidence in this year's sales. "Shenzhen has more SMEs and has stronger brand awareness." And the economic base, when purchasing vehicles, usually give priority to high-end light trucks, so our high-end light truck sales here has always been good."
It is reported that the Shenzhen government's emissions are very strict, and many dealers in Shenzhen have clearly stated that the models sold this year are all national four cars. This year's sales are good, mainly just needed.
Dongguan is the geometric center of the Pearl River Delta and a major sales force for light trucks in the Pearl River Delta. According to many dealers in Liaobu Street, Dongguan, the sales of light trucks in Dongguan have changed a lot in the past two months. “The two months are selling very well!” Gao Fei, who is mainly engaged in Futian light trucks, believes that the reason for the recent good sales is Affected by the policy, “Recently, the government issued the “Notice on Implementing Measures to Further Enlarge the Environmental Protection Signs of Dongguan City”. From November 1, 2014, the classification of the fourth, fifth and sixth stages of environmental protection signs in Dongguan will be gradually implemented. Limitation. The ring road in Dongguan is restricted to the restricted line and the yellow standard car is forbidden. The hard requirements of the policy have caused many users to start changing cars."
Similar to the situation in Dongguan, the sales of light trucks in Foshan have also soared recently. “Foshan recently issued a yellow-label car ban, listening to friends, there is a lot of sales there. Guangzhou is not as strong as Foshan, but once the strength comes, the sales will definitely increase a lot at the end of the year.” Guangzhou City Guangshi Linji Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. sales staff said.
The collective efforts of Guangdong light trucks have benefited from the hard progress of the policy. What is the market next year? The dealer has the most say.
"This year we can probably sell 1800-2000 vehicles, an increase of about 20% over the same period of the previous year." Wang Qiang (a pseudonym), sales manager of Dongguan Junfeng Automobile Co., Ltd., took out two data. As a dealer of Jianghuai Shuailing, Wang Qiang is very optimistic about the light truck market in recent years. "I estimate that the sales of light trucks in these three years will be a stable situation."
"This year's sales are so good. The next year is basically no more than this year's level. The possibility of maintaining this year's sales level is very high. It is very unlikely that there will be big ups and downs in the future." Liang Chao believes that the increase in the replacement of yellow-label vehicles this year is The main reason for the hot sales of high-end light trucks in Guangdong this year, "but the basic replacement of the vehicles is to be replaced. After all, the plates are so big. Without some new stimulus policies, there will be no explosive growth in the future market."
Coincidentally, Mr. Lun and Liang Chao, sales staff of Zhuhai Zhongfa Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., which sells Futian high-end light trucks, hold the same view. “This year is better than last year, but it’s hard to say whether sales will go up next year, after all, this year. The replacement of the yellow label car, the large-scale elimination has been completed almost this year." Mr. Lun said, "In recent years, it should not be like sales in 2010, like a roller coaster, because everyone is concerned about urbanization. One piece, as long as the urbanization construction does not stop, the pull of high-end light trucks is still very large."

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