·Personnel changes frequently in July, the car companies are now "big change"

In 2015, it was praised by the industry as a “personnel change”. With the slowdown of the auto market and the fierce market competition, various auto companies have also “recruited their own” to adjust their own development strategies in order to better enhance their competitiveness.
In fact, at the beginning of this year, the top personnel adjustment of car companies entered an intensive period. In the past six months, more than 70 senior executives of FAW Toyota, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Nissan, Audi and BYD have exchanged blood. What's more, the car-carrying car company has experienced three wave personnel adjustments.
Some personnel adjustments in July are as follows:
Beiqi New Energy Recently, it was learned from BAIC New Energy that Jinxin will assume the position of BAIC New Energy Brand Director and replace Hu Enping in charge of BAIC New Energy's brand, public relations and interactive marketing. Hu Enping will serve as the general manager of Beiqi New Energy South China Business Unit and expand the South China market.
SAIC Passenger Car In July, SAIC Passenger Car Company issued a notice on “People's Personnel Change” and conducted a mid-level post adjustment of 40 people.
In this list of people's adjustments, He Xiaojin is the first person to adjust the position in the list. Her current position is: Director of Roewe Brand Marketing, and concurrently Marketing Director of Roewe Brand Marketing. With this round of personnel adjustment, the organizational structure of SAIC passenger cars has also changed, that is, the brand marketing department has been established separately, and before that, the department was part of the market operation.
In addition, Wang Yang, the director of the brand marketing department of MG, also serves as the sales director of the MG brand marketing department, and no longer serves as the director of the group's sales department; Lin Jiayu, the marketing director of the MG brand marketing department, also serves as the senior manager of the MG Media Management Division and no longer serves as the MG market operation. Director of the Department; He Minglei served as the director of the brand marketing department of Roewe; together with He Xiaojin mentioned earlier, these four people will form the new brand and sales leadership camp of SAIC passenger car company.
In addition, the appointment was independent of the public relations department originally affiliated with the Marketing Department. Tang Yuejin was appointed Director of Public Relations and Digital Marketing.
BYD Recently, BYD announced a new appointment: Hou Yan officially resigned, and the general manager of sales was replaced by Shu Weixing. For the newly rising Shu Xixing, the relevant person in charge of BYD said that the new leaders will make a formal appearance after learning about the new work.
It is reported that Shu Yixing is the former head of the eighth division of the BYD Group, which covers IT terminal product development, sales and automotive intelligent multimedia services.
Audi recently announced that Audi, the current general manager of Audi (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., will leave the position of general manager of Audi (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. at the end of 2015 and return to Europe. He will be replaced by Joachim Wedler, the current head of Audi product line strategy. He used to be the first deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen.
Regarding this personnel change, Audi claimed that it was not related to the deterioration of sales performance in China. An Audi spokesman said: "This management change has already been planned."
Chery This year, before and after the Shanghai Auto Show, Chery Automobile reported the news of personnel changes. The general manager of Chery Marketing has recently made new changes. According to informed sources, Lu Bin, executive vice president of Chery Marketing, is currently resigning from Chery Automobile.
It is understood that Lu Bin did not have a long time to go to Gang Chery Marketing Company. He had worked with Sun Xiaodong, the current vice president of marketing and sales, in Geely. In January this year, Lu Bin confirmed that he officially joined Chery as the executive vice at the marketing company. General manager, in charge of sales, marketing, major customers and network management. Insiders of Chery revealed that in fact, General Lu did put forward the idea of ​​resigning. As far as he knows, Chery’s high-level officials tried their best to retain Lu Bin. At present, Lu Bin has not left Chery.

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