Parts companies "small orders + short flats" can respond to RMB appreciation

"To participate in such a training class, it can be said that it is an improvement for our industry operators." On the 22nd, the "Jilin Auto Parts Manager Training Course" was opened in Changchun, and many auto parts attended lectures. Corporate managers have expressed their worthwhile trip.

At the training workshop, East Asia reporters learned that the production of auto parts in Jilin Province has begun to develop into various modules.

Product production module diversification

“At present, Jilin Province has relatively advanced auto parts technology, because the relatively large-scale main engine factories in the country are all located here, so the technology for the production of related parts and components is relatively advanced.” Said the development of automobile parts in Jilin Province, Fuao Automobile Zero According to Yi Fulong, director of the International Market Department of Parts and Components Co., Ltd., from the perspective of the domestic market, the main customers of Jilin Province auto parts products are concentrated in Jilin Province and Northeast China.

Regarding the current status of auto parts enterprises in Jilin Province, an industry source who did not wish to be identified stated that most auto parts companies in Jilin Province are currently concentrated in Changchun, and from the product point of view, they are rapidly developing towards multiple modules and diversification.

"It is worth mentioning that, at present, Jilin Province attracts more capital and attracts more foreign capital, so the number of parts and components manufacturers has also begun to increase substantially in Jilin Province," he said.

Quality and Technology Relatively Leading the Market

According to reports, the opening of this training class is to better promote the "going out" of Jilin Province's auto and parts companies, further expand the scale of automobile and parts products, and increase the number of auto parts manufacturers and distributors in Jilin Province. Management capabilities, broaden the business development ideas and other practical issues.

Regarding the advantages of automobile parts enterprises in Jilin Province, according to Fu Long, at present, the supporting quality of auto parts production in Jilin Province is very good, and relying on a large automobile production base, the system management is very strict.

"In terms of technology, Jilin Province has some advanced technologies, such as new energy, electronic technology, etc. The equipment is relatively high-end." He said that from a comprehensive perspective, the quality of auto parts produced in Jilin Province is very good.

With regard to how to improve the market competitiveness of existing auto parts manufacturers, some people in the industry stated that the first thing is to have good new product development and use new products to seize the market. In addition, product quality is the key to market competition. With quality, we have a fundamental footing.

At the same time, the personage inside the industry also stated that the improvement of product certification, brand creation and after-sales service links must be continuously improved in order to make the competitiveness of Jilin Province auto parts enterprises greatly enhanced.

Small orders pull market to deal with exchange rate changes

With the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, the export of auto parts enterprises in Jilin Province has been affected more or less.

“It can be said that this kind of situation has an impact on the industry.” According to Fu Long, as an auto parts manufacturer, it is necessary to actively respond to it through scientific management to increase production efficiency and expand sales channels.

"For example, using e-commerce to talk business on the Internet, this trend is good," he said.

Wang Yulin, an expert from the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, also told many managers of Jilin Province auto parts companies through training courses that he should make full use of e-commerce as a good way to enhance his competitiveness. This can be said to be an innovative marketing.

In addition, related parties also stated that as an automobile parts and components company in Jilin Province, under the premise of appreciation of the renminbi, it is possible to adopt small contract plus “short-paced” contract models to deal with it. At the same time, it should use renminbi as far as possible for settlement.

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