Occupation Evaporation Crystallization Drying Highlands

Not long ago, the Hebei Provincial Evaporation Crystallization and Drying Engineering Technology Research Center passed joint acceptance by the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Development and Reform Commission. The reporter immediately interviewed the construction unit of the center—Shijiazhuang Gongda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. to understand the construction of the center. Technology Innovation in China. Zhang Jijun, general manager of Engineering Chemicals and director of the Engineering Technology Center, told reporters: “The center is committed to the research and development of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, focusing on the transformation of the three research directions of evaporation, crystallization and drying. We will take the acceptance of this project as our center. Opportunity, in the next three to five years, with the development of the engineering center to promote the scientific research level of Gongda Chemical Co., Ltd., to occupy the domestic evaporation, crystallizing, drying science and technology highland!”
According to reports, the Engineering Technology Center began construction in September 2012. After more than one year, it has undertaken 5 R&D projects, 2 external cooperation projects, 3 technical transformation achievements, 3 new product developments, and patent authorizations. 11 items, 2 patent applications, 3 standards, 7 papers published. In addition, the center has also won one third prize for scientific and technological progress in Hebei Province and one second prize for scientific and technological progress for the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.
"In the process of construction, based on the original infrastructure and conditions, the company invested 12 million yuan, and 30 sets of new equipment and equipment were added. The purchase of these equipment has created conditions for the experimental conditions and R&D capability of the engineering center. The project’s innovative capabilities have been enhanced. At present, the experimental office space has reached 3,300 square meters, and the total number of equipment, equipment and equipment has reached 184 sets.” Liang Bingchen, senior engineer at the Engineering Technology Center, briefed reporters. “In the meantime, we completed the D acid. The double-effect evaporation concentration process and complete sets of equipment of the jet heat pump, the D acid compression heat pump concentration process and complete sets of equipment, the magnesium sulfate DTB crystallization process, the potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystallization process and equipment, and the utilization of the compression heat pump in the conduction dryer The research and development of the project, in which the D acid jet heat pump double-effect evaporation and enrichment equipment, the potassium dihydrogen phosphate continuous crystallization equipment, and the compression heat pump drying equipment have been successfully converted; the early research and development of 'polyacetal and other resin monomers The removal of drying equipment' won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Large-scale thin-film evaporator amine domestic development 'scientific and technological progress prize in Hebei Province. "
“In the three scientific and technological achievements that were transformed, the D-acid jet-type heat pump double-effect evaporation concentration process and complete equipment technology were used in the federal pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd., and four sets of 10 tons and one set of 30 tons of production equipment were transformed. Two new 30-ton production facilities were newly installed. The consumption of 0.7-0.8 tons of steam in the past was reduced to less than 0.4 tons, and 40 tons of steam can be saved per hour. The compression heat pump drying equipment technology was used in a fertilizer company in Guizhou. Five agrochemical companies such as Jiangsu Agrochemical Co., Ltd. successfully applied it; the KH2P continuous crystallization equipment technology was applied to a company in Guizhou, and 3 results were converted into new business income of 39.09 million yuan.” Zhang Jijun added.
The reporter learned that this engineering technology center not only targets domestic companies in research and development of energy-saving technologies, but also strengthens cooperation with foreign technology forces. The pulse spray drying technology has short drying time, simple structure, and extremely obvious energy-saving effect. It belongs to the latest drying technology in the modern era and China's market is still blank. The United States PCS company has been engaged in research and development and promotion of pulsed spray drying technology for many years. The product has been used to spray drying various materials such as nano-ceramics, battery materials, seaweeds, and cyclodextrin, and has achieved good economic benefits. Zhang Jijun, director of the Center, formed a study tour. He visited the PCS plant in Arizona, USA, in May last year. He visited the pulse spray drying laboratory and conducted spray drying experiments on egg white and high-fat milk. In order to promote the promotion of pulse spray drying technology in China, the two sides conducted a discussion on cooperation methods. Under the comprehensive technical support of PCS, the company will explore the advantages of this technology and its adaptability to the Chinese market through agency and trial sales. When the conditions are ripe, both parties will set up a joint venture company to expand the scale of production and promote the new technology worldwide to promote the innovation and progress of traditional spray drying technology. At present, the agency agreement has been formally signed, the related work of both parties has been fully carried out, and a brand new pulse spray drying technology is about to enter the Chinese market.
“Our goal is to build the engineering center into a national first-class national evaporation crystallization and drying engineering research center, occupying the domestic evaporation, crystallization, and drying technology highlands, and at the same time, becoming an internationally advanced supplier and manufacturer of evaporation, crystallization, and drying equipment. In the past year or two, we will also apply for the success of the national enterprise technology center.” Zhang Jijun said with confidence.

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