Nissan to Sell Commercial Vehicle Business in China to Dongfeng Motor

On January 26, 2013, Nissan revealed to outsiders that it will sell its large and medium-sized commercial vehicle business to Dongfeng Motor Group in China. In the future, Nissan’s joint venture in China will focus its business resources on passenger cars and small commercial vehicles.

Nissan and Dongfeng Motor established a joint venture in 2003. In 2012, about 1.36 million vehicles were produced, of which about 190,000 were large and medium-sized commercial vehicles. Dongfeng Motor also set up a joint venture with Sweden’s Volvo Group to expand the business of large and medium-sized commercial vehicles.

Aluminum Die Casting

The basic Aluminium Die Casting process consists of injecting molten metal under high pressure into a steel mold called a die.

Advantages of Aluminium Pressure Aluminium Die Casting China :

0. the density of adc12 and aluminium is 2.75g/cm^3
1. Aluminium Die Casting Lower costs compared to other processes.
2. Economical – typically production of any number of components from thousands to millions before requiring replacement is possible.
3. Castings with close dimensional control and good surface finish
4. Castings with thin walls, and therefore are lighter in weight

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