New reselection equipment

In recent years, domestic and foreign scientific and technological workers have carried out a lot of research on improving the precision of re-election equipment sorting, increasing processing capacity and the joint use of re-election and other processes. The purpose is to use the re-election process to strengthen complex and difficult selection. The recovery of fine-grained high-density minerals improves the quality of concentrates. The new re-election equipment mainly includes: large-scale centrifugal beneficiation equipment, suspended cone coning concentrator, “heavy vibration separation” concentrator and reflux sorting machine.

     1   Large centrifugal ore dressing equipment
Wang Jianmin and others introduced the newly developed SLon-2400 centrifugal concentrator. The main technical parameters of the equipment are shown in Table 2-1.

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2 suspension cone cone concentrator

Yang Bo et al. introduced a new type of slime beneficiation equipment - a suspension cone cone concentrator. The principle of the hanging cone cone concentrator is as follows: the traveling motor drives the driving wheel to drive the driven wheel to make a circular motion on the circular orbit, thereby driving the sorting surface to make a uniform circular motion; at the same time, the vibration motor drives the eccentric hammer to make a circular motion, making the minute The selective surface produces regular vibration. When the evenly mixed slurry is replenished from the ore feeder through the slurry replenishing water, the slurry flow is fanned out and flows to the periphery, flowing in the flow path. The film gradually becomes thicker and thinner, and the flow velocity is gradually reduced. The ore group is moderately loose and layered on the sorting surface under the action of shear repulsion generated by its own gravity and the vibration of the cycle, and the rotation of the sorting surface, and The separation of involute washing water and concentrate washing water will bring minerals of different densities into the tailings tank, the middle ore tank and the concentrate tank.

3 “ heavy vibration ” concentrator

On the basis of comprehensive analysis of gravity, centrifugal force and vibration force, Yu Dianbao et al. effectively combined these three forces to design a new type of beneficiation equipment, and discussed the structural characteristics and principles of the equipment.

The characteristics of the "heavy vibration" concentrator: (l) directly attract gravity, centrifugal force, vibration force, and at the same time sorting minerals, and the selection is continuous, the equipment covers a small area; (2) The deep water layer and the closed conical cylinder are carried out to substantially eliminate the adverse effects of partial surface turbulence on the recovery of fine heavy minerals. The vibrating force is used for ore dressing, the material in the pulp is well loosened, and the bed looseness is greatly improved; Because of the simultaneous introduction of centrifugal force and vibration force in the sorting area, the equipment can continuously complete the sorting process in a short period of time; solve the intermittent operation problem and improve the processing capacity.
4 reflux sorting machine
KPCalvin, who introduced a new type of re-sorting equipment countercurrent separator (reflux classifier), was introduced sorting mechanism and progress of their research, using laboratory-type counter-current sorter for sorting a coal mine, study The effect of the ore slurry density and concentration on the sorting effect of the equipment.

 In strict accordance with ISO 9001:20015 and EN Flanges;
    1.Make process card and quality plan
    2.Choose the qualified raw material and do incoming test, not allowed      
     nonconforming material to enter into production process;
    3.Producing and testing followed the quality documents 
    4.Be good at Quality records and product identification to ensure the product 
    5.Do the final inspection to ensure 100% of pass.

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