Music and Pawning Machines and Partners for Win-Win

Music and Pawning Machines and Partners for Win-Win

Following the concept of "Palletizing Robot Supermarket", the leading player in the Palletizer industry has once again resorted to big tricks: recruiting partners around the world to jointly develop the palletizing robot market.

Analysts believe that this move not only brings huge market opportunities, but also has a huge impact on the palletizing robot market, especially the domestic market. It will also accelerate the process of transformation and upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry and realize the automation and intelligence of Chinese manufacturing. Production.

Innovation: The Music Player Opens Up Alternative Development Mode

In recent years, China's industrial robot market has entered a golden era of development. According to the latest survey report released by the International Robot Association, China's industrial robot sales reached 57,000 units in 2014, a year-on-year increase of 55%, and it has become the world's largest robot market for two consecutive years.

The hot market of China's industrial robots has also triggered fierce competition among robot manufacturers, including music lovers. However, unlike ordinary companies, in the process of development, the music servants through a horizontal cooperation and vertical cooperation have emerged a happy servant model that meets the interests of many parties and realizes the rapid rise of the palletizing robot industry.

In terms of horizontal cooperation, Carrefour pioneered the concept of “Palletizer Robot Supermarket”. Through strategic cooperation with ABB Switzerland, KUKA Germany, and Kawasaki Japan, while producing and selling robotic palletizing robots, Carrefour also fully distributes ABBs. , Kuka, Kawasaki and other high-quality palletizing robots to maximize the customer's various needs for palletizing robots.

In terms of vertical cooperation, the current public servants have launched a new cooperation plan - through the development of partners around the world, companies interested in the promotion of palletizing robots have seized the wave of development of industrial robots and drastically improved their performance. Realize the common development of both parties.

Win-win: Leo helps partners grow quickly

It is reported that for companies interested in palletizing robots, they only need to provide information such as business licenses, tax registration certificates and bank account opening certificates.

“After becoming a music partner, the company will do its best to help the growth of partners by providing on-site training and online training. It will achieve a win-win situation for the happy servants and partners and eliminate the worries of partners.” Wu Pengyu, general manager of the palletizing robot division, told reporters.

According to Wu Pengyu's introduction, the music partner is divided into three levels: project system integrators, partners, and strategic partners. The higher the level, the more enjoyable the services.

The project system integrators can also receive internal learning materials such as sales analysis data while accepting free integration and programming training; and the partners can not only be invited to participate in annual seminars for music lovers, but also can obtain the system integration provided by consultation service.

As a top-level strategic partner, in addition to enjoying the above privilege, you can also obtain information about potential customers in specific areas and enjoy price discounts for specific applications. In addition, the strategic partners can also obtain the market support fees provided by the loyal servants when they jointly carry out marketing campaigns with the musicians.

Winner: China's manufacturing industry benefits most

Some experts pointed out that the Le Pet Partnership Program will further consolidate the leading position of the music pawn machine in the industry, bringing a good opportunity for development to other companies. However, there is still one of the biggest winners behind this: China's manufacturing industry.

According to statistics, there are 347 robots owned by 10,000 workers in South Korea, 339 in Japan, and 251 in Germany. In China, this number is only 21, not only lower than that of Korea and Japan. German and other developed countries are even less than half of the 55 average international levels.

The introduction of the “Leading Service Partner Program” will attract a large number of companies to invest in the promotion of palletizing robots, help more companies to decode robots, use palletizing robots, and accelerate the integration of manufacturing and automation in China. Help them to increase production efficiency and production accuracy, and comprehensively increase the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing in the international market.

"Helping China's manufacturing industry to undergo transformation and upgrading, promote the development of China's industrial robot industry, and realize rapid changes in the industry from industry to industry. This is the original intention of our partner program and is also the greatest wish of our staff and partners." Indicated.

Description of GAC Water Filter 

UDF particle activated-carbon filter element uses the high quality coconut shell activated-carbon or coal activated-carbon as raw material, and the outer shell is made of ABS plastic at food grade, bonding with ultrasonic welding technology. Internally, a specially designed sponge makes the filter material compacted, and the PP filter at the end can effectively prevent the tiny particles penetration.
The product is used for absorbing organic matter in water treatment, chemical pesticide and residual chlorine, odor and peculiar smell, etc., product validity can last 6 to 9 months.

Activated-carbon particle filter element has strong adsorption capacity, and does not contain soluble organic matter which is harmful to human, and is widely used in the water treatment projects such as the group and household water purifiers, water dispensers and power plant, petrochemical engineering. It is even better to be used in water treatment in water-polluted urban factories, hotels, all kinds of cool and refreshing drinks.

Main Features: 

1. Integrate all the functions such as adsorption, filtering, intercept, catalysis as a whole.

2. Resisted from acid, alkali, salt and different kinds of organic solvents.

3. High filtering precision, large flow, small pressure discrepancy, high compressing resistance strength, large assimilative volume, non-toxic, tasteless.

4. Convenient to install and uninstall.


1. The total length including the thickness of the two gaskets.

2. The outer diameter includes the outermost layer of non-woven fabric and nylon net.

3. The Inner diameter is the length of the inner lid.

4. Specifications can be based on customer's request.

5. Material: coal, nut shell, coconut shell

6. End cover: polypropylene

7. Gasket: NRB(nitrile-butadiene rubber), silicone rubber

Technical parameters:

Surface area: 800 ~ 1000 

The adsorption of iodine, 900 ~ 1000 mg/g

The adsorption quantity for benzene : 20 ~ 25%

Four oxidation of carbon adsorption rate: 50 ~ 60%

adsorption value: 13 ~ 16 ml/g

COD removal rate: 58.25%

Residual chlorine removal rate: 96.83% or higher

Granular Activated Carbon Water Filters

Granular Activated Carbon Water Filters

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