· Motor vehicle environmental protection "yellow green standard" will be phased out before the end of next year to eliminate yellow label car

Recently, it was learned from the Ministry of Environmental Protection that the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Public Security, and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued the Notice on Further Regulating Emissions Inspection to Strengthen the Supervision and Management of Motor Vehicles, and further standardizing motor vehicle emission inspections. The notice clearly stated that the environmental protection department will no longer issue the vehicle environmental protection inspection mark, and the annual inspection mark on the car windshield will change from three to two.

Although the issuance of the motor vehicle environmental inspection qualification mark is cancelled, it does not mean that the vehicle exhaust gas detection is cancelled. The notice stated that after the vehicle safety technical inspection agency took the photo of the emission inspection report, it uploaded the public security traffic control department through the motor vehicle safety technical inspection and supervision system, and did not issue a safety technical inspection certificate for the motor vehicles that have not passed the regular emission inspection. . In addition, pure electric vehicles are exempt from exhaust emissions testing. The notice also proposed to strengthen the inspection of the emission inspection information network and promote the inspection of motor vehicle emissions.

The environmental protection supervision and management of motor vehicles in use has also been strengthened. The notice pointed out that it is necessary to increase the supervision and management of the pollution discharge of yellow-label vehicles and old vehicles that the state encourages to eliminate and require to be eliminated, to ensure the completion of the annual phase-out tasks determined by the state, and to basically eliminate the yellow-label vehicles before the end of 2017. Motor vehicles that meet the national mandatory retirement regulations shall be scrapped as required.

In the future, the environmental protection department will also strengthen the supervision and sampling of vehicles such as freight cars, buses, taxis, long-distance passenger vehicles and coaches in the centralized parking places and maintenance areas. The public security traffic control department shall, in the absence of affecting normal traffic conditions, support the use of remote sensing monitoring and other technical means by the environmental protection department to supervise and test the motor vehicles on the road.

The notice also strengthened the supervision and management of motor vehicle emission inspection agencies. The environmental protection department can strengthen the supervision of the inspection organization by on-site inspection of the emission inspection process, review the original inspection records or reports, and organize the inspection capability comparison experiments to promote the standardized operation of the inspection organization.

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