"Mobile phone access + real estate" into real estate industry trends

According to the statistics of the order opening, since 2016, the order opening has increased by 150% year-on-year from the first six months of last year. The back-office data has increased by 120%. The number of new projects has increased by more than 200, and the number of customers has far exceeded the same period. It is worth mentioning that unlike the two-year community-based customers, today's customer groups including campuses, smart parks, and warehousing are also booming. There are indications that the era of mobile phone access has arrived.

The rise of mobile phone access control has two important factors: On the one hand, thanks to the continuous improvement of electronic manufacturing processes, mobile phones have begun to be widely used, and with the continuous expansion of mobile phone application technologies, the mobile terminal services have been expanding, and users have adopted mobile phone terminal application habits. to make. On the other hand, the combination of the Internet and offline services provides users with convenient mobile services. The demand for community apps is expanded. After the mobile phones are opened and embedded, the use of APP users is increased, which can provide high access to venues such as communities and office buildings. Quality safety protection.

With the development of mobile phone access control technology, mobile phone door opening experience is getting better and better. Regardless of security or convenience, mobile phone access control has unparalleled advantages compared to traditional card access control, such as remote authorization, real-time control of permissions, In addition, in the era of information fragmentation, access to data through mobile phone access statistics will be conducive to the scientific and rational management of access to the property or government public sector.

It can be seen that "mobile phone access + real estate" has become an industry trend. In the future, whether mobile phone access control is an increase in sales volume or an extension of application scenarios will be the trend of the times.

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