Measurement of Lubrication Parameters of Hydrogenerator Thrust Bearings

2胗 This paper introduces the method of measuring the lubrication parameters of the hydro-generator thrust bearing and the sensor and data acquisition system, and proposes the method of temperature monitoring of the elastic metal plastic tile.

Min key word thrust bearing; sensor; data acquisition system 标识 identification code ugly chapter number 10003983 such as 0104001904; degree of oil film force 1 blood and 1 body temperature, mirror plate; degree and oil temperature distribution in the groove bearing loss bearing Force and so on.

Before the 1980s, the displacement and pressure sensors used in bearing tests had large temperature drifts into pressure drifts, and data acquisition was generally a wave device, and the measurement accuracy was low. The temperature sensor is like a thermocouple or a thermal resistor. It has low precision and is displayed by a potential difference meter. It can only measure the steady-state temperature, the reaction time is long, and the measurement accuracy is not high.

After the 1980s, the development of testing and sensor technology led to the improvement of the bearing lubrication parameter measurement technology. The sensor can meet the requirements of bearing test. The data is also processed and recorded by computer, which greatly increases the accuracy and data acquisition of the measurement data. Handle the accuracy of the record.

In the 1990s, in order to measure the oil film thickness of elastic metal plastic tiles. A fiber-optic displacement sensor was developed. This sensor and the jade force sensor were simultaneously mounted on the mirror plate to obtain the oil film thickness and pressure of all the tiles.

2 Test and Sensing Technology Application The performance parameters of hydro-generator thrust bearings mainly include diaphragm thickness, oil film pressure, tile surface temperature, oil film temperature and tile temperature, and the test and work of this hydro-generator thrust bearing Test 15 sensing technology is widely used in condition monitoring, which is very important for sourcing bearing performance and understanding bearing operation. To study the performance of thrust bearings, numerical calculation methods are used, and then measurement methods are used. Numerical calculations are widely used in thrust bearing design. However, for large thrust bearings, although numerical calculation is used in the design stage, due to the complication of the boundary conditions, it is sometimes necessary to carry out experimental research and obtain relevant parameters of bearing performance. The means of these performance parameters is the application of test and sensing technology.

The thrust bearing is a key component of the hydroelectric generator and supports the important role of the unit. With the improvement of the manufacturing level of the hydro-generator unit, the single-unit capacity is getting larger and larger, and the thrust bearing is also becoming more and more developed. In order to study the development of thrust bearing technology, from the beginning of the production of hydro-generators to date. The research and test of the thrust bearing technology in the middle of the scientific research production has been developed to the present, and the thrust load of foreign countries is the highest in the country of 460. The most is 4180 to the gorge, and the test bearing 1 reaches the level of 58800. These achievements are obtained and the bearing design analysis technology force sensor temperature sensor flow sensor and other data acquisition systems. The following is a description of typical sensors and data, set systems for thrust bearing performance testing techniques.

2.1 汕 film thickness measurement displacement sensor babbitt alloy tile thrust bearing 汕 厚度 的 黾 黾 黾 黾 黾 黾 黾 黾 黾 黾 黾 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 100 100 100 100 0.0 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 To eliminate the influence of pressure and temperature on the output of the displacement sensor, it is sufficient. Only the sensor should be subjected to the actual installation conditions, and the temperature drift and pressure drift curve should be made. The test data should be repaired according to the temperature and pressure of each measuring point. Therefore, each sensor is calibrated under actual conditions, so that the influence of pressure and temperature on the output of the displacement sensor can be ignored. Qiu's calibration and test system calibration were performed at the time.

The oil film thickness distribution of the tile is measured, and the sensor is mounted on the tile, and the number of sensors is not less than 16. Measure the oil film thickness distribution of the sill tile, the sensor is mounted on the mirror plate, and is radially distributed. The sensor elastic metal plastic tile thrust bearing oil film thickness finder claw optical fiber displacement sensor, the sensor is mounted on the mirror plate; . Maintain the original structure and buried characteristics of the plastic tile. Eliminates the effects of flash molding, deformation of the tile surface and pressure leakage on the measurement. The sensor is mounted on the mirror plate and is radially distributed with 4, 5 sensors. The range fiber oil goodness sensor depends on the reception of the fiber optic probe, which is connected to the emitter of the fiber, and the receiving poles composed of two small bundles of multiple fibers form two concentric rings around the emitter.

The cone beam is emitted through the center of the emitter to the plastic, 1 . A small portion of this beam is reflected back and received by the two bundles of fiber to receive the gap. The gap value is obtained from the ratio of the emission intensity and the inverse time, > intensity.

1 oil film thickness delusion 2.2 oil film pressure measurement 1 force sensor oil film pressure measurement using diffusion silicon pressure sensor 2.

Spread! The pressure sensor has high sensitivity, fast dynamic response, wide range of benefits and good stability. The characteristic is the range, the output of the full process is Hancheng (1) force non-line 100.5, the comprehensive precision should reach 0.5. In order to ensure the accuracy of the field measurement data, eliminate the influence of temperature on the output of the pressure sensor, it is to warm each sensor. The drift curve is corrected according to the temperature of each measuring point, and is calibrated under working temperature conditions, so that the influence of temperature on the output of the pressure sensor can be ignored. The diffused silicon pressure sensor with good performance has temperature compensation, which can make the temperature calibration of the measurement result test system.

The pressure distribution of the tile is measured, the sensor is installed on the tile, the gold tile thrust bearing used is not asked, and for the elastic metal plastic tile thrust bearing, the lateral leakage of the pressure tap hole should be considered. The pressure distribution of the tiling is measured. The sensor is mounted on the mirror plate and distributed in a radial direction. The number of sensors is 35, but the testing technique is complicated.

2.3 Temperature measurement The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the tile and the mirror plate. The sensor has a high sensitivity semiconductor temperature sensor. It can also use a thermistor, a thermal couple or a thermal resistor. Each sensor is calibrated to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. The temperature distribution of the tile surface of the tile is required. The sensor is mounted on the tile and the number of sensors used is not less than 16. A sensor for measuring the temperature of the mirror plate is mounted on the mirror plate, and the number of sensors distributed radially is 45. The temperature sensor has a comprehensive accuracy of ±0.

The measurement of bearing loss is generally used. 1 thermal method. The temperature sensor uses a semiconductor temperature sensor. The temperature of the inner circulating cooling water or the temperature of the outer circulating cooling oil is measured. The comprehensive accuracy of the temperature sensor ±, 1 ± 0.05 is a high demand for measuring temperature sensors.

Temperature monitoring of the Babbitt tile thrust bearing, the application efficiency, is very good. 1 For elastic metal plastic tile thrust bearings, the same monitored temperature is much lower than the highest temperature of the tile surface, the reaction is delayed, and the actual temperature of the thrust bearing can not be used. The temperature distribution of the tile surface from the elastic metal tile of the 3 bearing. The cabinet 4 is a tile surface temperature distribution of an elastic metal plastic tile supported by a single tray, and the temperature zones are all near the average diameter and the oil side. The tile surface pressure distribution is in the high pressure zone corresponding to the support position on the tile surface, and the peripheral claw force is zero.

In this way, on the oil-extracting side of the elastic metal plastic tile, near the average radius of the temperature distribution of the plastic tile surface of the tile edge 204, a temperature sensor is installed, and the sensor probe can be about 0.2 on the tile surface. This position is in the Shangwen District, where the oil film is weak, and it is not easy to leak. The semiconductor temperature sensor is produced, and the thermistor is a thermal resistor to monitor the maximum temperature of the plastic tile. The sensor mounting hole should be taken, and the measures of 1 are leakproof.

2.4 Other parameters measured by the calorimetry method to measure the bearing loss, measuring the flow of the inner ring ring cooling water flow or external circulation cooling oil. Turbo flowmeters or ultrasonic flowmeters are used. The turbine flow meter is connected and installed in the pipeline. The ultrasonic flowmeter does not have to be used, but it is required for the pipeline.

The thrust bearing is subjected to the force measurement of the rootstock and the structure of the bearing is determined by the sensor used. The thrust bearing of the elastic beam and the magazine structure can be a strain gauge sensor, and the sensor is mounted on the elastic beam or the elastic oil tank.

The thrust bearing of the adjustable pillar structure can adopt a displacement sensor, and the sensor is installed in the pillar, and the relative change of the forceps and the pillar reflects the magnitude of the bearing force. For large thrust bearings, the force measurement resolution is typically ±5.

2.5 data acquisition system oil film thickness oil film pressure and temperature measurement, sensor installation position is relatively fixed, and the number is not a lot, like Simi uses 5 data acquisition system. This system was used for the nozzle thrust bearing test.

Yang 5 data acquisition system frame sensor sensor sensor sensor installed in the mirror plate output signal to be led along the ring, using a 6 data acquisition system. This system was used in the gorge thrust bearing test.

3 Summary Wu Zhongde, Liang Guangtai, Wu Junling, Bi Chunhui, Wang Guoxi. Run test of the thrust bearing of the hydro-jet generator set. Fire Motor 6 Harbin Institute of Electrical Machinery. Research on the 6000-ton thrust bearing of the hydroelectric generator. In 1996, the application of typical sensors for measuring bearing performance parameters and advanced machine thrust bearing test research played a very important role. , the test literature Hou Guozhang. Testing and Sensing Technology 1. Harbin Institute of Technology Press, 1998.

A brief introduction of Wu Zhongde's 66, graduated from Luoyang Institute of Technology in 1989, he is a researcher and researcher of sliding bearings. He is a senior engineer and is currently a graduate student at Harbin Institute of Technology.

Cheng Ming 1973, graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of Harbin University of Science and Technology in 1997, and now works in Heilongjiang Province Civil Aviation Management, Terminal Building, Bamboo Management Company, engaged in the operation and maintenance of equipment, assistants, and engineers.

Stop page 18 and the damper bar is good by lamp. Through the above design and process method, the damage caused by the thermal expansion and the centrifugal force of the damping ring to the damping ring of the damping ring is solved, and the heat-dissipating discharge generated by the contact between the damping rings is also solved. Asked.

For the 3200 increased safety synchronous motor, we adopted the structural design and technical method of the above-mentioned starting cage. Through five consecutive full-pressure starting tests and load type tests, there is no spark production. Cattle. After inspection after shutdown, no damage or harmful deformation of the starting cage was found. The maximum surface temperature of the starting cage is measured at the full pressure direct start copper bar 54 brass strip 49 dam, damping ring 401. From the test results and industrial transport conditions right, the increased safety synchronous motor starting cage adopts the above design and process is OK Effective, meets the requirements of the explosion-proof performance of the increased safety synchronous motor starting cage, and provides the safety reliability of the starting cage, and also has accumulated experience for solving some problems in the rotor cage of other types of motors. .

Received date 200103 5 Conclusions Introduction Wang Daqing 1964, graduated from Harbin Institute of Electrical Engineering in 1986, and now works in Lanzhou Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Large motor design studio engaged in motor design, chief engineer.

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