Machinery Manufacturing Recovery Pulls Bearing Demand

Machinery Manufacturing Recovery Pulls Bearing Demand
The implementation of the economic growth targets put forward by the “two sessions” in various places has triggered a construction boom in urban infrastructure construction projects. The intensive construction of major projects such as railways, highways, subways, affordable housing, water conservancy, ports, and airports has prompted construction machinery. The recovery of the manufacturing industry will drive the demand for construction machinery and the market demand for bearings will also be released.
From the recent survey on the production plan for downstream users of Gcr15 electric spindle steel in March, the automotive, marine engineering, and oil field pipeline industries have maintained a stable operation; construction machinery and bearing industries have increased. The downstream industry's effective demand for bearing steel has increased compared to February. For example, Gcr15 bearing steel companies generally received better orders in March. The improvement of downstream demand is conducive to the stability of the Gcr15 bearing steel market, and it is a major supporting force for the rebound of bearing steel prices.
China's bearing manufacturing industry has a strong momentum of development, which will bring about a positive effect on the smoothness of the bearing steel market. The demand for a number of high-end bearings has increased significantly, such as aerospace bearings, high-speed precision bearings for machine tool spindles, precision angular contact ball bearings for ball screw support, high-speed spindle bearings, precision bearings for photovoltaic industry machine tools, turntable bearings, and wind power bearings. Shield machine used for joint bearings, rolling mill bearings, high-speed steel bearings, automotive bearings, crane pulley bearings, turbocharger bearings, hydrodynamic bearings and so on.

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