Lingnan Art chose a fully automatic packing belt. What are you waiting for?

Inferior packaging, do or not?

Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House is sponsored by the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Guangdong Province and mainly publishes art books such as albums, comics, new pictures, calendars, posters, pictures, and calligraphy. For more than 20 years, Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing Co. has published more than 5,000 titles and has won more than 170 awards in the country, South Central, and the entire province. It has been evaluated as a good publishing house by the Press and Publication Administration.

Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House sells thousands of books every day. The weight of the book is very heavy. Every time the books are shipped to all parts of the country, the packing work must be done. Otherwise, the books will be broken during the transportation, resulting in the scattered books, wasting a lot of labor costs and time costs.

   Bridge Xingda automatic packing belt, give you the feeling you want

Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House realized that if it went on like this, the loss would be greater and greater. Through the Internet to find Bridge Xingda, and with our sales engineers in detail, we learned that the packaged books are very heavy, and the required packing band pull must be strong enough to bear the weight of the book so that it will not break. According to Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing Co., Ltd. using automatic baler line packaging, automatic packing is recommended.

We all know that the packing straps used by automatic balers will be much higher than those used by hand-operated and semi-automatic balers. Our fully automatic packing belt is made of pure new material, and the pulling force is 4 times that of the ordinary packing belt. The weight bearing capacity is higher and the appearance is more beautiful and the color is more uniform. According to the customer's existing packaging equipment, we can produce matching automatic packaging belts, which can not only protect the packaging machine, but also provide smooth delivery and improve the packaging efficiency.

   Quality is everything

Bridge Xingda Packaging has been working hard to build an automatic packaging industry brand, constantly introducing new, online procurement consultants to provide you with full procurement staff. Bridge Xingda customer service understands your needs, recommend excellent automatic strapping. After customers use our fully automatic packing tape, they will be attracted by the quality of our products. So say: Quality is everything right!

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