Lianchuang Optoelectronics intends to control Fangda Zhizhi to enter the field of intelligent lighting

Lianchuang Optoelectronics disclosed on the evening of June 14 that the company intends to change the industrialization project of LED epitaxial materials, chips and devices for the previous non-publicly released power-type infrared monitoring system to acquire Zhejiang Fangda Zhikong Technology Co., Ltd. And increase its capital. After the transaction is completed, the company will hold a 72.37 stake in Fangda Zhizhi, thus entering the field of smart lighting. The total investment of the above projects is 100 million yuan. According to reports, Fangda Zhikong successfully developed a smart city lighting monitoring and management system based on Internet of Things technology, and has completed several urban intelligent lighting control projects in the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Zhejiang, Hainan and other places in China. In addition, in addition to providing industry-leading smart lighting solutions, Fangda Zhikong also actively develops urban sensor network systems, smart charging pile management systems, intelligent underground pipe network management systems, smart parking management systems, and smart travel Internet of Things solutions. Pilot projects for the above smart city projects have been carried out in many places. According to the company, there are already many smart city pilots in China, and the demand for smart lighting products is relatively large. According to ONWorld Research Institute, a global technology research company, the smart lighting industry will provide an additional market space of at least RMB 60 billion in 2015-2016, regardless of high value-added products. If calculated according to the annual compound growth of 30, the accumulated amount in the five years exceeds 200 billion yuan, and the market prospect is worth looking forward to. The company said that the acquisition of Fangda Zhikong can rely on Fangda Zhikong's R&D, production and integration capabilities in intelligent control hardware modules and software systems to quickly reinforce the company's smart lighting short-board, and realize the company's lighting business by lighting manufacturers, The project contractor will transform and upgrade the smart lighting solution provider, and introduce the overseas technical team and resources through Fangda Zhikong to further expand into smart cities and cloud computing. (Hu Xinyu)

Nowadays, the CNC Router we usually talk about is a kind of numerical control drilling and milling combined processing equipment from the processing principle. In application, mainly used for engraving, cutting and drilling. For most of material, wood, plywood, acrylic, pvc, marble, granite, steel, alumium etc.

According to the application industry :

  • Woodworking CNC Machine
  • Advertising cnc machine
  • Stone cnc machine
  • Mold cnc machine

Basic structure:

  • Mechanical components
  • Electrical components

Mechanical components:

  1. Machine body
  2. Gantry
  3. Rack and pinion
  4. Ball screw
  5. Gear box or speed reducer
  6. Table

Common advertising machine body

mini cnc machine

Common woodworking machine body

1325 CNC

Common stone machine body

marble engraving machine

Electrical components:

  1. Spindle
  2. Inverter
  3. Controller
  4. Motor
  5. Driver
  6. Other small components


HQD spindle


delta (3)


stepper motor

CNC Router

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