LED lighting penetration rate is high, lighting is coming at the end of the year

US LED lighting leader Ke Rui recently announced last quarter's earnings report, quarterly revenue of 415 million US dollars, an annual increase of 20, a quarterly increase of 6, a net profit after tax of 35.7 million US dollars, an annual increase of 75, earnings per share of 0.29 US dollars, strong operating rewrite Ji Xingao is mainly driven by LED lamps and bulbs.
Not only the operation of international large-scale factories is climbing, it is understood that the LED factory in Taiwan is also in good condition due to the industrial situation. In the fourth quarter of last year, LED lighting demand was unexpected, and customers actively placed orders to pull goods. The LED factory has long been waiting for the first year of lighting. Finally, the research institute assessed that the illumination penetration rate has exceeded 10 thresholds last year. According to the historical track of LED backlight penetration, the backlight has only crossed 10 after 4 years, and then it quickly jumped to nearly 100 permeability after 2 years. It is expected that in the next 2 years, LED lighting will replicate the development history of backlights, and rapidly expand and grow, LED manufacturers will shine.
The key to driving LED lighting amplification is that the price is falling rapidly. Last year, the global LED bulb price plummeted by 20, and the price fell to the sweet spot. It is a key to the market entering the first year of lighting. It is expected that the cost control will be under the pressure of price competition this year. Becoming the primary goal, it's no wonder that every manufacturer has made every effort to control costs and invest in high value-added products.
In addition to price driving, LED life and luminous efficiency is better than traditional lighting, with a service life of more than 40,000 hours, which is three times that of traditional energy-saving lamps, and the energy-saving effect is to attract people to buy and replace. According to the actual experience of replacing the LED lighting device in the factory, the electricity price has dropped by about 55. According to the calculation of the power saving effect, after replacing the LED lamp, within one and a half years, the replacement cost can be earned back, not to mention the current LED brand factory. A two-year warranty is provided to drive LEDs to grow rapidly in the commercial lighting market.
The industry has evaluated the LED lighting market's compound growth rate of about 40 in the next five years. Under the government subsidy, the governments of Europe, the United States and China have subsidized consumers' purchases. The manufacturers expect LED lighting scale to be more than 50 times that of mobile phone applications. Even up to 100 times, much higher than the 3 times scale of backlight applications, so some manufacturers have entered the luminaire design and environmental light source field.
Under the scale of the market, investors need to observe the growth of the company's turnover. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the gross profit margin can be stabilized or even increased. Otherwise, the company may earn revenue but lose interest rates. As the competition pressure on manufacturers' prices is still fierce this year, the improvement of gross profit margin and product mix optimization is the real effort.

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