LED lighting industry to establish a value benchmark is a priority

Can LEDs replace traditional lighting? This is not a new problem. The data shows that the output value of the national LED lighting industry this year reached 200 billion yuan, and it is expected to jump to 350 billion yuan next year. Substitution seems to be more obvious and will become a reality. Li Jiansheng, chairman of Shanghai Dinghui Technology Co., Ltd., which just completed the listing of the New Third Board, seems to have replaced the traditional lighting with the evolution of LED lighting technology and lower prices. But to completely replace, in addition to technology and price, changing the status quo of bad light in the LED lighting market to drive out good money, and establish a benchmark of value, is still a top priority.
Taking advantage of packaging advantages In the process of the domestic LED industry, the twists and turns of Dinghui Technology may be a representative model. The first LED lighting company listed on the New Third Board in Shanghai has a production base of more than 40,000 square meters, with an annual output value of 80 million yuan, but it is almost in the LED market.
Li Jiansheng recalled that before 2000, Dinghui mainly exerted its force on LED displays. Although the market demand is large, enterprises are not large-scale, and demand does not have continuity, and production tends to be scattered. Li Jiansheng said that in 2000, the investment cost and profit of CDH almost disappeared, and the company was almost dragged down by bad debts and arrears.
In 2004, Dinghui Technology began to enter the LED lighting industry. In 2006, the company applied for the LED packaging project of the 863 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Since then, the products have been selected by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Today, Dinghui's LED lighting products are used in Shanghai Chenghuang Temple, Expo Theme Pavilion, Yan'an Road Elevated, Nanpu Bridge and 10 bridges along the Suzhou River. However, in the process of manufacturing lamps for landmark projects, Li Jiansheng found that because the company did not have the channel advantages of downstream lamps, although the reputation was made, the profit was not obvious. In the Hundred Regiments of LED lamps, CDH began to pull out and play the packaging advantage in the middle of the industry chain, appearing as a light source supplier.
In the LED lighting industry chain, upstream companies manufacture light-emitting chip components, and midstream packaging companies make ready-made chips into integrated circuits and sell them to downstream lighting companies. At present, the midstream package has accounted for 25-30 of the entire industrial chain. Among them, the LED light source module based on COB technology developed by CDH has been staged successfully and will be mass-produced at the beginning of next year. Through this technology, LED light sources can be used with lamps of various shapes. At present, 60-80 packaging companies have chosen to transform into COB technology, which has become a new trend in domestic LED lighting.
Sticking to the bottom line of the quality of the industry analysis, in terms of light quantity, an incandescent lamp 15 units per watt, an LED lamp can reach 10 times its. In the future, the quality requirements for light will become increasingly diverse, and LED lighting will further enter the family. However, the market is full of inferior products, which is the bottleneck currently encountered by the industry.
Nowadays, into the lighting store, the LED lamps of the brand manufacturers have been everywhere, and the price is more close to the people. However, due to overcapacity, a large number of LED lamps compete fiercely, and they do not hesitate to fight the price war, so the quality of the products is also sacrificed. Li Jiansheng said that the price war at the expense of quality will make a bad reputation in the LED lighting market. In the case that the consumer is not sure, the factor that determines the purchase can only be the brand.
Therefore, CDH Technology has strict control over the packaging process and selectively undertakes some high-end businesses, hoping to build its own brand. On the basis of the price of the same level of products is 40-60 cheaper than the foreign big brands, the quality can be compared. After the listing of the New Third Board, CDH Technology also bid farewell to the state of relying on its own funds to jog at low speed. It hopes to further maintain the product quality of the mid- to high-end market through the capital injection of institutional investors.

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