LED industry annual output value doubled into the development fast lane

The continued growth in demand for lighting has driven the LED industry into a one-way uptrend channel. According to domestic LED experts, the overall output value of the LED industry will increase by about 20 in the fourth quarter of this year. The annual output value of LED indoor lighting will increase by 110% compared with last year. Although the LED indoor lighting output base is increasing year by year, the research institute estimates that next year LED The shipment of lighting products will reach 1.32 billion, an increase of 68.
The LED enterprise revenue in Taiwan has always been an indicator of the rising trend of the LED industry. Although November is a low season in the traditional sense, the revenues of companies such as Yiguang, Longda and Guangbao have shown a gratifying trend.
Billion's November revenue was NT$2.26 billion, a slight increase from October, while the year-on-year growth rate was as high as 52.8. Benefiting from orders for lighting and backlights, the company's November revenue changed its previous small diving situation and is expected to be expected. Shipments in December will not be lower than in November. Lunda Electronics' revenue in November was NT$1.17 billion, up 10.1 from October. Ronda said that it benefited from the return of notebook computer orders, the Korean mobile phone manufacturer's flash and TV backlight demand, and the company's backlight products shipped. In terms of lighting, Ronda expects its COB integrated package products to grow more than three times next year in terms of lighting.
The advantages of LED lighting products are outstanding. From the recent technological development trend, the light source light efficiency can reach more than 200lm/w, and the price of market terminal lighting products has continued to decline. The products of Osram, Cree and other companies have been reduced. At around $10, the price of the same brand of energy-saving lamps is about $5. Considering the great difference in service life, the actual cost of LED lamps is much cheaper than ordinary energy-saving lamps.
On the evening of the 10th, Weiwei announced that it has signed a 120 million yuan LED lighting product purchase and sales contract with overseas companies, which is another evidence that LED lighting products will advance rapidly. With the approach of disabling incandescent lamps worldwide in 2017, LED lighting is gradually entering an explosive period.
Nanda Optoelectronics owns high-purity metal organic compounds (MO sources) with independent intellectual property rights. It is the only enterprise in China that realizes the industrialization of MO sources, accounting for about 25 global production capacity. With the increase in domestic MOCVD capacity utilization, the company's main product, trimethylgallium (TMG) demand has rebounded sharply, while the new products, trimethyl indium (TMIn) and diethyl gallium (CMGa), have already acquired Cree, Philips, and OSRAM. Such as certification or sample delivery, access to the international major customer supply chain will bring explosive growth of the company's revenue.
Sunlight Lighting is a leading domestic energy-saving lamp company. The company's market channels and brand advantages are very obvious, and it can be seamlessly transplanted to the new LED lighting business. In the middle of this year, the company's LED operating income reached 400 million yuan. According to the brokerage analysis agency's forecast, LED operating revenue for the whole year can exceed 900 million yuan.
Since 2009, Dehao Runda has transformed its strategic center into LED. The company has invested heavily in MOCVD machines and invested in NVC lighting, and has been focusing on chips and applying smile curves. Due to the reduction of government subsidies, the company will have a larger performance this year. The decline in magnitude. In the production of LED chips, the company has nearly 100 MOCVD equipment. With the global LED lighting market, the company will improve its product competitiveness through technological upgrading, and revenue growth is expected to maintain a high level.

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