LED explosion-proof lamp development trend LED explosion-proof lamp quality is the latest

LED explosion-proof lamp development trend LED explosion-proof lamp quality is the latest
Proposition of explosion-proof lamp concept
Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of industries such as petroleum, chemical, and mining industries, the use of lighting fixtures in production, storage, and rescue has become more and more widely used. At this time, how to prevent the accidental explosion of lighting fixtures is very important in explosive gas dangerous places.
Since ordinary lighting fixtures inevitably produce sparks or hot surfaces when they work, once they meet the explosive gas mixture at the production or rescue site, it will lead to an explosion accident and directly endanger the lives of national property and citizens. . Therefore, as the most widely used lighting fixture, its explosion-proof technology has long attracted people's attention and great attention. In this case, the explosion-proof lamp has followed suit.
The rapid development of domestic LED explosion-proof lights
In order to promote LED explosion-proof lights, the country will deploy the system from an overall strategic height. In 2012, 2.2 billion yuan was allocated to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lights; the Ministry of Commerce launched the demonstration of energy conservation in Baicheng Qiandian; the six ministries and commissions of the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “semiconductor lighting energy saving Industry Planning". The introduction of this series of policies has played a significant role in promoting the semiconductor lighting industry. Correspondingly, local policies have also been introduced, and more and more regions are striving to build a semiconductor lighting industry base. They have formulated plans for the semiconductor lighting industry, issued various supporting policies, and implemented semiconductor lighting application demonstration projects.
With the help of the policies, 37 pilot cities in Ten Thousand Cities have implemented more than 2,700 demonstration projects, and more than 7 million LED explosion-proof lamps have been used, saving more than 2.1 billion kWh annually. The regional pattern has basically taken shape. There are 15 industrialized bases in Xiamen, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Yangzhou, and Shijiazhuang, which have initially formed industrial clusters with certain supporting capabilities; and 37 pilot cities in Ten Cities, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, are Promoting the integration and application of semiconductor lighting technology has played an exemplary role; the Pearl River Delta region has become a production base for application products in China, and more than 50% of semiconductor lighting companies have been concentrated. The scale of the industry achieved sustained growth. In 2012, the annual production value reached 1920 billion yuan, an increase of 23% over 2011, and strategic emerging industries have basically taken shape. The standard inspection system has also been gradually improved. The standard revision plan is mainly aimed at test methods and performance requirements. The formulation of new standards mainly involves equipment and materials, devices and modules, light sources and lamps, lighting applications and energy efficiency.
In terms of applications, China is a global manufacturing base for lighting products. In 2012, the LED general lighting output value was close to 42 billion yuan, an increase of 40%; the annual total output was 310 million, a substantial increase in the number of; LED lighting products manufacturing capacity and exports ranked first in the world. LED accounts for higher and higher proportions in general lighting. Commercial lighting and public lighting have become key applications. In the field of outdoor lighting, the penetration rate is relatively high, but the overall market penetration rate is still low, only 1% in 2011, exceeding 3% in 2012; the initial demonstration project led to the transformation of the municipal system into a major market for lighting applications, concentrated in the road, Tunnels, squares, subway lighting and other public lighting areas; and commercial lighting has become the fastest growing segmentation application market with good economics.
Extension: Identifying safety lights and explosion-proof lights
The appearance of general safety lights and explosion-proof lights is very similar. Some industrial and mining enterprises often misuse safety lights as explosion-proof lights in explosive places. This is very dangerous. Although general safety lights are also equipped with glass lampshades and seals, they can only be waterproof and dustproof, but they cannot prevent people from drilling. If they reach the explosion limit, they can cause explosions. The main difference between the two is that explosion-proof lamps have obvious certification numbers for explosion-proof electrical appliances. The explosion-proof signs are cast on the lamp housing, while general safety lights do not have these features and signs.

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