LED automotive lighting industry penetration rate will reach 16% this year

As the future development direction of automotive lighting, LED lighting is making great strides into the automotive lighting market. Recently, at the 2013 Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance Inspection and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition, Philips demonstrated its new Xtreme Ultinon LED fog lamp that applies LED technology to the automotive lighting market.
In recent years, with the continuous advancement of LED lighting technology, LED has gradually been applied in the field of automotive lighting. A research report of GF Securities pointed out that in the future, the penetration rate of LED in the automotive lighting market is very certain, and it is expected that automotive lighting in 2013 The market LED penetration rate will reach 16%, and is expected to grow to 19% by 2015.
LED lighting has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, longevity, earthquake resistance, small size and fast response. At present, the LED application field mainly includes three major markets: backlight, general lighting and automotive lighting. The development of the LED market first started in 1960, when the products were mainly for low-brightness (light source efficacy is only 0.1m / w) red indicator application. As the efficiency of light sources has increased, the LED industry has moved from the era of backlighting to the era of lighting.
LED automotive lighting as a car spare parts, its market growth depends on the development of the overall automotive market. Dominiek Plancke, CEO of Philips Automotive Lighting, said that in 2025, the global population will reach 8 billion, and two-thirds of them will live in cities. With the rise of the middle class, people will pay more and more attention to healthy, comfortable and quality life. And the degree of emphasis may exceed the emphasis on economic growth and wealth accumulation. According to this judgment, Philips Automotive Lighting regards safety, environmental protection and fashion concepts as the three pillars of its business development.
For China's auto market, Yuan Zhijun, deputy general manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. pointed out that through the cultivation of the domestic market, there are currently two types of vehicles developing very fast, one is household vehicles, passenger cars, cars, SUVs, The price is about 100,000 yuan; the other is high-end cars, the price is between 300,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan. The Chinese auto market is still developing in a stable and micro-growth rate in the next few years, probably maintaining a growth range of 10%.
Due to the high cost and high price, at present, high-end cars are the main application areas of LED automotive lighting. According to DominiekPlancke, in 2008, Philips launched the first LED lamp for the Audi A8. At the exhibition, the reporter learned that Philips LED Fog Lamps are mostly used as daytime running lights, and will not cause glare. , affecting other road users.
Bi Jiwen, general manager of Philips Automotive Lighting's vice president of Asia Pacific, said that at the front of the car, only the fog lights still use yellow light sources. In order to make the front lighting of the car all unified to the white light source, Philips introduced LED fog light replacement bulbs, plug-in The replacement of the bulb with the ready-to-use fog lamp does not produce glare, not only stylish but also safe.
Philips' third-quarter 2013 financial report showed that the LED business of the lighting division increased by 33% compared with the same period of last year, accounting for 30% of the overall lighting business, driving the entire lighting business to achieve 3% business growth.
According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China's automobile production and sales last year were 19,217,800 and 19,390,400, respectively, up 4.6% and 4.3% respectively, driving the relevant auto parts industry to flourish. The growth rate of LED car lighting is the sum of production and sales. Nearly 10 times.

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