Large-scale reshuffle of large machine tool companies stands out

Machine tool market shuffles large companies stand out The drastic changes in the development environment at home and abroad have changed the pattern of domestic machine tool companies. The big shuffle in the market has made some specific companies stand out. A group of domestic large-scale machinery enterprises, through the integration of adjustments and strengthening their own core competitiveness, have already achieved the same field competition with international machine tool companies and are active in the international market.

The data from various research institutions and related associations shows that in the past 10 years, the greatest achievement of the Chinese machinery industry has been the initial growth of the large machinery enterprise groups. No matter the size of the company, its product level, or its international competitiveness, it has been obtained in 10 years. Greatly improved. Well-known companies abound, XCMG, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Guangxi Liugong, Shandong Lingong, Shandong Heavy Industry, Yuchai Group, etc., any company out of the world have a higher international and multinational companies Under the good strength.

According to the China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association's latest list of China's top 500 machinery enterprises, the sales revenue of the “China Top 500 Machinery Enterprises” in 2012 totaled 6291.116 billion yuan, compared to the first “500 Chinese machinery enterprises” in 2003. The list has a growth rate of 529%, an average annual growth rate of 22.6%, total profit growth of 508%, an average annual growth rate of 22.2%, and total assets growth of 282%, with an average annual growth rate of 16.1%. It is no exaggeration to say that China's machinery industry has achieved a leap-forward growth in 10 years. In the past 10 years, the Group of China's top 500 mechanical enterprises has developed steadily, and its economic benefits have improved significantly. The top 500 companies’ sales revenue increased by 4.6 times in 10 years, and companies with sales revenues above 10 billion yuan rose from 15 to 113 companies.

In the past 10 years, in fact, the growth rate of certain indicators of "China's top 500 machinery enterprises" has grown at a rate slightly lower than the growth rate of the industry. However, the size and economic efficiency of the Fortune 500 are growing rapidly compared to the 33,000 fast-expanding 107,000 mechanical enterprise groups.

“They have indeed become an important pillar for the development of the industry.” Sun Bohuai, chairman of the China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association, told reporters, “The 'Top 500 Chinese Machinery Enterprises' group achieved sales revenue of over 40% in the whole industry and over 60% of them. profit".

What deserves more pride in the industry is that the top 100 and top 10 groups are basically stable in the ever-changing ranking of mechanical enterprise groups. Judging from the contribution to economic growth, the top 100 companies have basically stabilized over the past 10 years as the top 500 companies’ overall contribution of more than 70% of sales revenue and profits.

The top ten companies are more prominent and both have the dual attributes of “big” and “strong”. Among the top ten, there have been 8 companies with revenues exceeding 100 billion yuan, and sales revenue accounts for more than half of the top 100 companies, accounting for 500%. The overall strength is about 40%, and the proportion is increasing year by year.

In addition, judging from the performance in the crisis, the Top 10 and Top 100 companies are even more the pillars of the industry. The average annual growth rate of various economic indicators of the top 100 companies is slightly lower than that of the top 500, but they have emerged from the gloom of the crisis at a faster rate and become the backbone of the Chinese machinery industry to resist risks. In 2012, four of the top ten machinery companies went on the "Fortune" list of "World's Top 500 Machinery Companies" and reached the level of world-class companies.

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