Lack of guidance news base oil market slow pace

According to calculations by relevant agencies, the price index of 150SN for base oil was 6503 on June 10, 2015, which was 8 points lower than the price index for products on June 3; the price index of 400SN for base oil on June 10 was 6,924, compared with May 11. The daily product price index rose by 60 points.

Sinopec, in June, the total export volume of base oil plans of major Sinopec refineries increased to approximately 14,500 tons, a 3.6% increase from the previous quarter. Among them, Gaoqiao Petrochemical's planned sales in June increased by 500 tons to 4500 tons compared with May; Yanshan Petrochemical and Jingmen Petrochemical Refinery's unplanned sales of Class I and II base oils were all around 2,500 tons this month, an increase was significant; Maoming Petrochemical 6 Basically no amount of export for the month; Jinan refinery due to the recent flat performance of downstream demand, the price trend is relatively weak, in June the planned sales of only about 1,000 tons; Nanyang petrochemical sales steady last month, the monthly export price of only 3000 # rose slightly 50 Yuan / ton.

In PetroChina, China National Petroleum Corporation will only have a petrochemical supply market this month. The ex-factory price is stable at 150 SN at 6550,400 SN at 6,650. Daqing Petrochemical, Fushun Petrochemical and Daqing Petrochemical have no export, so this month Sinopec has very limited base oil resources.

In Shandong, today Zibo Friends of Friends of the base oil prices, adjusted after the mechanical oil fell 200 yuan to 5,000 yuan / ton, hydraulic oil fell 200 yuan to 5100 yuan / ton, 150SN reported 5800 yuan / ton, 250SN reported 6,000 yuan / ton, 350SN reported 6,200 yuan / ton. 30 vehicle base oil fell 300 to 6,600 yuan/ton, 40 vehicle base oil fell 200 to 6,800 yuan/ton, 50 vehicle base oil fell 200 to 7,000 yuan/ton, 45 transformer oil quoted 7300 yuan/ Ton.

The trend of international crude oil turmoil, the implementation of refined oil products, the short-term supply and demand of base oil is weak, the market resource constraints on the price to form a certain support, but the intensity is small, the lack of positive stimulus to the demand side. It is expected that there will be no major improvement in the short-term market decline, with slight fluctuations being the main trend.

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