Kjeldahl's development status

Kjeldahl is a professional instrument designed according to Kjeldahl's principle for the quantitative determination of nitrogen and protein in foods, crops, fertilizers, soils, water and other substances. It is also called protein analyzer, crude protein analyzer and so on. Kjeldahl is widely used in a wide range of applications in various fields and is one of the most frequently used analytical instruments. In recent years, with the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, the domestic analytical instrument industry has developed rapidly. The development of the Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is also making rapid progress. The following is a brief introduction of the current development status of the Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.


Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is a precise measurement and analysis instrument. In the past due to underdeveloped technology, the domestic use of the instrument can only rely on imports, especially the automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer . With the gradual development of China's science and technology, China has also begun to produce semi-automatic Kjeldahl, but many of these instruments have problems such as low technical content, poor reliability, and low levels, which are difficult to meet with precision scientific research. Analyze the actual needs of the experiment. Today, China has made major breakthroughs in science and technology. It not only can produce a stable and reliable semi-automatic nitrogen determination instrument, but also can automatically produce Kjeldahl nitrogen determination instrument. The quality of the product is guaranteed and the technical content is relatively high. However, the price is much cheaper than the imported Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the determination of the nitrogen and protein content of samples in modern times. The Kjeldahl determination instrument made in China can be selected with confidence.

From the past to the present, Kjeldahl has been constantly improving and perfecting. Under the premise of ensuring accuracy, it has been tested step by step and successfully applied to all walks of life. It has made important contributions to the development of the industry. Contributions. Today, in order to pursue higher efficiency and accuracy, under the support of modern technology, the improvement of the Kjeldahl analyzer is rapidly developing toward simple, efficient, systematic, automated and intelligent, and meets various industries. Different testing needs.

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