Jinfeng Water Saving Project Received Award

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China Drying Network News Shanxi Jinfeng Company was honored as an outstanding unit for water treatment in the petroleum and chemical industries and an advanced unit for water saving in the petroleum and chemical industries. Jinfeng's nitrogen-rich fertilizer industrial wastewater ultra-low-emission demonstration project completed more than 30 water-saving technological transformations, and it took the lead in the nitrogen fertilizer industry in Shanxi Province in 2009 to achieve ultra-low emission of process wastewater. In 2011, the Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Agency adopted the project as a template and issued Shanxi Province's “Acceptance for Implementation of Acceptance of Ultra-low Emissions of Wastewater from the Production Process of Ammonia (Methanol) Industry”. The project provides a practical and feasible way for the nitrogen treatment of the wastewater treatment and the reuse of water, especially for the treatment of industrial wastewater from the ammonia industry.

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