Inverted barrel trap features introduced

High-efficiency and energy-saving is due to reliable performance. In the working principle of various traps, the inverted bucket type is the most reliable. The core of its overall design is a unique lever system. This system will increase the gravity of the float tank to open and be subjected to differential pressure. The valve flap.

Because the opening of the float tank is inverted, it can prevent damage due to water hammer, and in order to extend the service life of the float tank, the wear points are reinforced. Inverted bucket traps have only two moving parts - valve lever suspensions and inverted buckets. There are no fixed fulcrums and complex connections, and no jamming or blocking will occur.

Energy savings even after worn parts The opening and closing of inverted drum traps is based on the difference in the density of condensate and steam – the inverted bucket principle. The opening is very gentle, thereby reducing wear, this simple fact shows that the inverted bucket trap wear is much smaller than Other types of traps.

In fact, when the inverted bucket trap wears out, its sealing is improved because the flap and the seat form a complete contact loop line, and all the closing forces are concentrated on the narrow sealing ring line, thereby strengthening the seal.

With the increase in the use of time, Armstrong inverted bucket trap will continue to work effectively, the actual wear makes the diameter of the valve hole slightly increased, and it wears, the better its sealing, because with the increase of friction Large, ball-shaped valve flaps sink deeper and deeper into the seat, thus ensuring tightness.

Wear Resistant and Corrosion-Resistant Parts Stainless steel discs and valve seats of inverted bucket steam traps are individually ground and machined together on a mechanical device. All other parts are made of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Air and CO2 Inversion The inverted barrel steam trap automatically and continuously discharges air and carbon dioxide gas without cold lag or air resistance.

Working under inverted pressure, the inverted bucket steam trap has a good adaptability to back pressure. In addition to reducing the flow due to a smaller pressure difference, there is no other adverse effect. The inverted bucket requires only a small force to open the trap.

The absence of dirt disturbs the unique design of the inverted bucket steam trap, making it virtually free of dirt during operation. The discs and seats are located on top of the trap, away from large particles of dirt deposited on the bottom, inverted buckets Move up and down to make it a powder.

Since the valve hole controlled by the inverted bucket is not fully opened, it is fully closed, dirt particles can pass freely, and the condensed water flowing rapidly from under the inverted bucket forms a unique self-cleaning water flow to carry the dirt out of the trap. To view specific models of inverted bucket traps, refer to the description below or go to the menu bar above to select.



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