Intelligent remote flow meter maintenance suggestions

Regarding the troubleshooting of intelligent remote-transmission flowmeters, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of the instrumentation and master the relevant knowledge and skills in electronics, and prepare technical documents such as manuals and drawings for all instruments and meters. A good working quality, thus improving efficiency and reducing errors in the maintenance of instruments and meters . The following are nine suggestions for maintenance work:

1. When using logic pens and oscilloscopes to detect signals, special attention must be paid to not allow the probes to contact two measurement pins at the same time, because the essence of this situation is to form a short circuit in the case of power-on, and the instrument may have a bad possibility.

2. When measuring with a multimeter's ohm file, do not measure with live operation.

3. When troubleshooting a meter in a wet environment, it is necessary to measure whether the various points on the printed circuit are unobstructed, because the main fault in this case is corrosion of the copper foil.

4. When detecting the filter capacitor in the power supply, the positive and negative electrodes of the electrolytic capacitor should be short-circuited first, and when the short-circuit occurs, the lead wires cannot be used to discharge the capacitor instead of the wire, because it is easy to blow the core wire. It is possible to take a 220V, 60 to 100W lamp with a cap lead, which is connected to both ends of the capacitor. The lamp will flash at the moment of discharge.

5. Do not hot plug various control boards and plugs. Because in the case of power-up, the plug-in control board will generate a strong induced electromotive force, then instantaneous counterattack voltage is very high, it is easy to damage the corresponding control board and plug.

6, when the internal circuit of the instrument is repaired, if the contacts and the circuit board of the mounting component are coated with insulating varnish, the ordinary hand-stitching needles can be used to weld the surface of the multimeter when measuring the parameters of each point, so as to pierce the paint layer and directly measure the points. There is no need to peel off the paint layer.

7. When repairing precision instruments and meters, if you inadvertently fly a small part, you should first determine where it may fly, and do not look east. If you turn it west, you can use magnet scanning and line-of-sight scanning methods.

8. When disassembling and adjusting the instrument, record the original position for recovery.

9, Do not blindly knock on and off when overhauling, so as not to expand the fault, the more repair and more bad.

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